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Traditional Pearls Are Hip Again!


We all know (and love!) the simple but classic elegance of a string of pearls. And what’s lovelier than getting that pearl feel and quality by using Swarovski crystal pearls?


But take a look at runways from New York to Paris to Milan and you will find pearls paired in ways that are anything but traditional.


Miu Miu

Anyone who has been keeping their eye on the fashion scene would have noticed the pearl creeping back in over the last few seasons as young jewelry designers place them in unexpected places such as ear cuffs and pair them with unusual materials.




This winter, however, you are increasingly going to be seeing the democratization of that classic pearl strand as everyday street wear. Designers are pairing this classic element with denim patches, military jackets and the sports sweaters that are so very now.


Maison Margiela, Chanel, Miu Miu

This is a great time to dig out your old pearl necklaces or construct a new heirloom of your very own using our beautiful and versatile Swarovski crystal pearls! Adding a simple pearl necklace to your outfit is the best way to look fashionable today.




Swarovski Inovations Spring/Summer 2017 – The Balance of Nature

At the beginning of this year, Swarovski launched their new line of crystal colors and shapes. The main theme of this year’s release was “THE BALANCE OF NATURE”. The idea came from recognizing the fact that over the past 15 years we have witnessed radical changes in the way we meet, interact, live and even age. The influx of new technology has steadily become overwhelming and made us want to step back, to pause and seek fulfillment, satisfaction  and meaning in our busy daily lives. Well-being has become the global mantra. Our desire to reconnect with unspoiled nature, with mind, body and soul is creating a huge demand for travel to off the beaten track destinations, calming practices of meditation and yoga.

With this year’s designs, Swarovski is focusing on well-being, allowing us to reconnect with our inner selves through the eternal elements of Air, Earth, Water and Fire.

A breath of fresh air, remains a potent symbol of calm for all those wishing to retreat from the pressure of daily life. The Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl, is a new stunning Swarovski effect in the Crystal Pearl.

airTimeless romantic design embraces the natural colors of planet Earth. Graphite is a new color representing this trend, a strong, bluish grey-black which is both elegant and mysterious. It forms the perfect gradient transition between Crystal Silver Night and Jet.

fireVibrant, eye-catching colors are the mainstay of the over-the-top glamour favored equally by celebrities. The new color, Yellow Opal is finding its origins in the gemstone Citrine. Yellow Opal is a very happy color. Its bright yellow hue has been give a matte, opalescent finish giving it a genuine gemstone appeal.

Our favorite is Yellow Opal AB2X available now in 3 and 4 mm Swarovski Bicones at www.eurekacrystalbeads.com. Get it now and see for yourself how truly stunning this color is.


Visit our website to see Swarovski Rivolis and Beads in Graphite and Yellow Opal and all other Innovations Spring/Summer 2017.



Why Swarovski Crystal?

We all love Swarovski Components for their precision diamond-like cuts, impeccable sparkle and consistency in color. At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a huge selection of Swarovski Crystal and are proud to offer the largest selection of custom coated crystal of anyone in the USA. This week all of our Swarovski beads are on sale and we encourage you to see what’s available and to get it for your current and future projects. Some items are in short supply. Swarovski has discontinued 2.5 mm bicones and many AB2X colors in 3 mm bicones.


Some time ago Swarovski changed its formula and started making lead-free crystal. If you haven’t noticed the difference that’s because of the high standards applied at every stage of crystal development, design and manufacturing.


Swarovski’s unique X-Cut technology is based on scientific principles developed by Gemological Institute of America for grading diamonds.


Swarovski company was established  in Wattens, high in the Austrian Alps in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski.


Swarovski Crystal is made in Austria in accord with the high environmental standards.

Swarovski sells its products in over one hundred countries.

Swarovski is working with artists and top designers to mention Christian Dior from all areas of jewelry and fashion.   

cate-blanchett-2014-oscars sparkling-sky-blue-crystal-fashion-pendant-necklace Dior Couture 4 dior-SS13-beauty-01

Fourth of July Americana Jewelry Designs

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we’ve put together a super simple patriotic jewelry set that is fast and easy to make and even more fun to wear!

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

For the Americana earrings, take a pair of fishhook earwires, 8 Swarovski Red Coral Pearls in 6mm, 4 Ivory Pearls also in 6mm and 2 Lapis Pearls in 10mm. Use headpins and jump rings to put it all together.

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

For the Americana Bracelet, we used Beadalon Memory Wire (just measure it out so that it wraps around your wrist 3 times), 42 pieces of 6mm Red Coral Swarovski Pearls, 32 pieces of Swarovski Ivory Pearls, and 11 pieces of 10mm Swarovski Pearls in Lapis. Thread the wire alternating the red and white and adding the blue beads occasionally. Make a couple of dangly clusters to finish each end of the bracelet and you’re done!

Coming Soon: DIY Swarovski Pearl Necklace Kits!

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

Here is a sneak peek at two brand new designer Swarovski pearl necklace kits that will be available from Eureka in two weeks! Available in red and green, these original DIY kits include everything you need plus instructions to make one of these gorgeous three strand necklaces.

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

Bold and perfect for summer time, the red necklace is reminiscent of Eastern European folk coral necklaces and adds a perfect pop of color to any outfit. Made with 8mm Swarovski crystal pearls, 5x3mm Czech gemstone doughnuts and 3mm Czech Firepolish beads. It’s finished with a three strand tube bar clasp and all these items are available directly from our website.

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

The classic combination of neutral metallics with jade is a beautiful and elegant look that will turn heads and dress up any outfit. This design is made with 10mm Swarovski crystal pearls, 7x4mm Czech gemstone doughnuts and 4mm Czech Firepolish beads.

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

Stay tuned for even more new gorgeous designs that are coming soon!

DIY Summer Jewelry Tutorial Collection

summer too

Summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to try your hand at making some of the season’s trendiest jewelry to show off with your cute summer outfits. Whether your style is classic, boho or somewhere in between we’ve collected some of the best jewelry tutorials below so that you too can DIY.

Summer Bracelets from Eureka Crystal Beads

stacked bracelets trend beads beaded diy jewelry eureka

Summer is a great time for bracelets! You can go ahead and decorate your bare arms with bracelets and bangles galore without worrying about sleeves. Our perennially popular Rolo Cup Chain Bracelet is a perfect summer accessory. Check out our video for step by step instructions!

DSC02068Above: The variety of Rolo Cup Chain Bracelets you can make with the same set of instructions.

Another great summer bracelet is our Chan Luu Style Bohemian Wrap Bracelet which uses leather cord and a variety of beautiful Czech glass beads to make a super fun bracelet to wear!


Or how about these DIY Alex and Ani Style wire bangles that are perfect for stacking! These bracelets come with a removable ball that you unscrew to put any kind of beads you like on the bracelet. Screw it back on and you’re done!

beadable-bracelet04Above: Charming charm wire bracelets in the Alex and Ani style

DIY Three Strand Beaded Necklace from Get Carey’d Away


This fun project is an easy way to add oomph to a plain outfit and to make a necklace that will really stand out for all the more formal events that come around once the weather gets nicer such as bridal showers, garden parties, weddings and baby showers. Use any round beads in 6 and 8mm here along with much smaller spacers. For example, Swarovski Crystal Pearls would be ideal or if you want a variation that was more festive and less formal you could try pretty faceted Czech Firepolish beads.

The Golden Knot Necklace from The Sweet Survival

golden knot

This excellent tutorial shows you how to make the above necklace with step by step photo instructions as well as written ones. For a high quality product I suggest using Japanese TOHO seed beads. They come in so many beautiful colors that you can make dozens of different necklaces! For an interesting variation on this necklace try using Czech Farfalle Seed Beads or Charlotte Cut Seed Beads instead.

DIY Coral Statement Necklace from Nelle Creations


This simple step by step tutorial is an easy way to make a necklace with a lot of impact! Try using Swarovski’s Gem Color series of crystal pearls such as Coral or Dark Lapis for a great look that will be very trendy this summer!

Check out our Tutorials page for more cool DIY projects!


foot-thong beaded barefoot sandals


Swarovski Crystal Pearl Tea Party

Swarovski crystal pearls are the perfect complement to a spring day out. Their beauty and natural feel make them the best choice for all your designs. Read about Swarovski Crystal Pearls here.

Swarovski crystal pearls iridescent green spring beads diy

New pearl color, Iridescent Green is a beautiful shade that brings out gold and yellow tones.

Swarovski crystal pearls iridescent green spring beads diy

Jade pearls, below, are part of the gem colors series which includes pearl colors that are matte rather than pearlescent or iridescent.

jade pearls

Antique Brass pearls look beautiful in sunlight or in the shade.

swarovski antique brass pearls

Swarovski Ivory pearl is another gem color pearl that goes well with Jade, Turquoise and Lapis pearls as well as with the classic pearly look of Cream.

swarovski ivory pearls beads teacup teapot

Ready for a spot of tea? Swarovski Cream and Ivory pearls are a lovely combination with tea and strawberries.

swarovski pearls teacup strawberries diy

The classic beauty of pearls and teatime.


A teacup of Antique Brass 5810 round Swarovski pearls spills on the new spring grass.


Gold and Bright Gold pearls make a stunning combination.


Light Grey Swarovski pearls are a beautiful neutral that go with almost anything.


Give Swarovski Crystal Pearls a try and you will be amazed at the beauty and quality of these beads.

Winter Inspiration for DIY Beading


Winter is the best season for catching up on your DIY beaded jewelry projects. As you huddle up in your home to stay warm, get inspired by the beauty of the outdoors in winter for all your beading designs.

polar vortex beading winter jewelry supplies wholesale beads

This winter as been impressively cold in most parts of North America. Along with the cold, there have been some magnificent images of ice and snow that take the breath away, such as this lighthouse in Minnesota above. Fringe-like icicles, the glitter of ice and snow in the sunshine…these are all great ways to inspire your jewelry making for 2014!


Take a cue from the rosy warmth of winter sunrise, and use a gold, dusty rose, vintage rose and peach color palette to bring some warmth to those cold winter days.


Perennially popular crystal rhinestone chain is a great way to create that sparkling fringe effect on all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. To learn how to use rhinestone chain in jewelry making check out this post.



Wintertime lends itself to blue and white hues so check out our great selection of Swarovski crystal beads and Czech glass in a wide palette of blues from powdery baby blue to deep cobalt!


Use Swarovski crystal pearls in light blue together with crystal bicones in aquamarine for a sparkly, wintery delight.


If you’re going for a more casual look, leather cord is the way to go. Make your own version of the above bracelet with just a few components, including metallic mint green leather cord, large hole metal beads and a Swarovski Cosmic Ring!


Use hand crafted Czech glass buttons for focal pieces that will really stand out, even in a blizzard!


Gray on Gray Color Inspiration


As summer nears it’s inevitable end, it’s time to start looking forward to the cooler seasons and preparing for winter.

This is the time to embrace subtle colors and a perfect time for the subdued elegance of gray.


Whether in jewelry, fashion or home decor, gray is a beautiful neutral that can be a part of almost any color palette. Experiment with cool grays, warm grays as well as adding a contrasting pop of bright color into a monotone gray palette.


We’ve collected some beautiful images of ways to use gray so that you can get inspired and ready for the coming season!


By Sara Blaine

Layered beads in shades of gray with canary yellow accents are classically beautiful and sophisticated.



Grays also work well with amethyst and ivory.


Get inspired by various textures and add cord, leather and chain to your repertoire. Take advantage of the beauty of modern prints and patterns.


Neon pops of color for a modern look.



Grey Swarovski pearls paired with silver and crystal rhinestone balls or crystal rondelles are a classic and sophisticated way to add sparkle in the gloom of winter.


Color Ideas with Swarovski Crystal Beads for Summer 2013

Summer is almost upon us and here at Eureka we’ve identified four color trends for Summer 2013 using Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pearls that work beautifully together for all your summer jewelry designing.


Aztec Treasure uses cool blues evoking the waters of the tropics, highlighted with blazing oranges like a sunset.

Cool as Ice is a white on white palette of stunning clarity and an essential component of the high contrast trend for the summer.

Afternoon Picnic livens up the color of the year, Emerald with refreshing coral pinks for a pretty pop of color perfect for the summer sun.

Summer Sunset picks out the raw oranges and lively pinks of the early evening sky for eye catching jewelry that glints like sunlight.

Check out the full 2013 Swarovski Color Charts here.