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New Czech PRONG Beads and new CzechMates: 3-hole BEAM beads & 2-hole CABOCHON beads

January is a busy month for beading. We are all trying to get ready for the next season, Tucson show starts at the end of the month and, as almost every year at this time, we are anxiously waiting for the launch of the new glass beads from the Czech Republic. It seems like there is no end to the ingenuity of the Czech bead-masters. This year we’ll soon be able to play with CzechMates 3-hole Beam Beads, CzechMates 2-hole Cabochons and Prong Beads.


CzechMates 3-hole Beams look like stretched 2-hole Bars with a third hole added in the middle. 3-hole beams are 10×3 mm in size. They can be used as spacers or with other beads as linking components . Free patterns for all three shapes are already available on our site, so please check out free patterns.

CzechMates 2-hole Cabochons are flat at the bottom and have a domed top. These beads were first offered for a pre-sale as 6mm Cabochons and then while we were all waiting for the delivery Czech manufacturer reclassified them as 7mm. Their actual size is 6.5mm so be careful not to confuse them with 2-hole Cabochons which look identical but are smaller and measure exactly 6mm. The size difference when you compare both Cabochons is quite dramatic.

Prong Beads look like a shark’s tooth and measure 6×3 mm. They have only one hole and can be used individually as small drops or in bead-weaving patterns.

All three new Czech bead shapes are available now in a large assortment of colors on Eureka Crystal Beads website.






The Latest from the Czech Republic


Here at Eureka, we are constantly scouring the small, family-run glass bead manufacturers of Bohemia in the Czech Republic for the most unique and most beautiful colors, shapes and finishes of Czech glass beads.


Beautiful Czech Republic

Our recent trip was no exception! Walter and Bonita met with company representatives at several small factories and poured over samples searching for the next big thing.

walter eureka crystal beads czech republic glass

Our partners in the Czech Republic know that we specialize in uncommon finishes, special coatings and only the most beautiful, rare and unusual colors so they pulled out all the stops for us when we came to see the beautiful things that they have been working on.

czech glass beads eureka crystal pastel spring

We are very excited about the things we’ve seen and can’t wait to be able to present our latest finds. Keep an eye out for beautiful new Czech firepolish as well as pressed glass beads that we will be adding to our inventory shortly.

Bonita at the border of the Czech Republic

Bonita at the border of the Czech Republic

Bonita was especially excited over the beautiful new metallic finishes available as the worldwide jewelry trends continue to favor yellow golds and bright silvers as well as mixing of different metallic finishes.


Another trend that stood out was the complete lack of neons. While the bright neon trend is still going in the US is looks like the next wave of color preferences coming out of Europe will be more subdued and more classic jewel tones.

We’re also excited about the many new bead shapes that we will be adding to our inventory shortly and will announce those beads as we launch them.

Bonita will only reveal that we should be on the lookout for amazing new kinds of table cuts.

Stay tuned to see all the beautiful new items that will be coming from this trip!

Pretty New Czech Rizo Beads


We’ve just received the latest shipment of the much anticipated new bead shape called Rizo and thought we’d formally introduce this beautiful new shape into the Eureka Crystal Beads family!

Rizo beads were developed by and for bead weavers based on the need for a small bead that would fill the gap between a drop and a dagger.


Blue Turquoise AB Rizo Beads

Our Rizo beads measure 6×2.5mm and are a beautiful grain-of-rice shape that will add dimension and interest to all your beading projects.

They are a very versatile bead, useful in bead-weaving, stringing, dimensional projects and even chain maille. The size of the hole is the same as for 11/0 seed beads.


Czech glass rizo beads

They pair beautifully with Czech glass Spikes and Daggers as well as SuperDuos and make a wonderful bead fringe because they are top drilled.