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Czech Firepolish Beads are here to stay, buy them on sale now!

It seems that in the past year or so the entire focus of the beading industry has been on 2-hole beads and 4-hole beads. There is no question that this, relatively new, development of adding additional holes to the glass beads has revolutionized beading and hooked us even more on a hobby which we already liked, but it doesn’t mean that traditional one-hole beads are going away any time soon. As a matter of fact Eureka Crystal Beads now stocks and sells more Firepolish beads than ever before.


We now have over 500 uniquely beautiful colors and finishes in sizes ranging from 2 mm Firepolish beads to 8 mm Firepolish beads. We have so much of them that we decided to reward our fellow beaders with the year’s end firepolish beads sale.


This sale has just started, is limited to only 2 days and, depending on which Firepolish beads you are buying, you can save 25% and in some cases way over 30%. So go to Eureka Crystal Beads website now and stock up on your favorite colors.

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Round Czech Firepolish Beads and Firepolish Gemstone Doughnuts also known as Czech Faceted Rondelles

Hi everyone!

It has been a very intense and busy week. We have put our favorite and best selling Firepolish beads on sale. You can save over 35% on some items, since you are able to apply a -25% firepolish coupon to all sale items and to multiple item discounts. We know that no other company offers prices this low and your response to the sale proves it to us. Thank you – we are processing your orders as fast as we can. For those of you who have not taken advantage of this sale yet a reminder, IT ENDS TODAY AT 10 PM EST – so hurry, stock up now and “bead your heart out” later! You cannot go wrong, especially with a free shipping option available for all orders $35+

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Those of you who have ever placed an order with us know that we include (in each order) a free pattern of the month. September pattern is called Bellflower Earrings, by a TrendSetter Cindy Holsclaw.



Starting next month you will be getting a new free pattern with each order. It will be a cool  bracelet. You’ll love it!

And now going back to our sale. You all use firepolish beads, but do you know where the name comes from?

Here are some interesting facts:

FIREPOLISH BEADS are pressed out of lead free, colored glass rods, processed in large drum-shaped, semi-automatic grinding machines to eliminate lumps, or irregularities and  placed in industrial ovens for firepolishing, during which their surface is slightly melted to make them look shiny and feel smooth. This ages-old, traditional firepolishing process transforms ordinary glass beads into sparkly, vintage looking beads sought after by all beaders.

Firepolish Gemstone Doughnuts are perfect for quick and easy but attractive projects. Make an earring featured below from discontinued colors (still in stock).



Swarovski Crystal Pearl Collar Necklaces

These Swarovski pearl collar necklaces are a stunning way to make a statement this spring and summer. Take a look and get inspired!

pink coral swarovski pearl collar necklace

This round collar necklace made of Swarovski Pink Coral Pearls in multiple sizes is a fantastic way to add elegance and a touch of soft pastel color to your springtime outfit. Pair it with dramatic lips for a stunning look.

swarovski pearl collar

Pink Coral pearls with gold TOHO Japanese seed beads create this beautiful necklace.

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

Or go for more dark drama in your look with a Peter Pan-style collar necklace made of Mystic Black pearls interspersed with sparkly 3mm Czech Firepolish beads in Jet.

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

Stay tuned for our upcoming step by step tutorial showing you how to make one of these pearl statement necklaces of your very own!

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

And enjoy the warmer weather with these statement pearl necklaces!

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

Summer 2013 Czech Firepolish Colors: Beautiful Blues


This summer bold and beautiful blues have taken the fashion world by storm, from soft lilac to deep inky blues and the beautiful cobalts in between. We’ve pulled out our top five favorite Czech Firepolish colors that are a perfect fit for the season’s blues so you can be sure to stay on trend and have the latest colors and finishes at your disposal.

amethyst opaque luster

Amethyst Opaque Luster

Beautiful Amethyst Opaque Luster is a perfect complement to the light lilac color trend. The opaque color and luster finish give this bead a lot of beautiful dimension and fits the trend for more solid colors in the Czech glass beads that we’re been seeing the last several years.

Purple Opaque AB

Purple Opaque AB

Purple Opaque AB carries the purple trend and takes it one step farther with the shimmery Aurora Borealis finish that adds glitter and bling with every movement.

Milky Sapphire Twilight

Milky Sapphire Twilight

This beautiful new firepolish color is a base bead of Milky Sapphire with the Twilight finish giving it the beauty of a bright blue and the interest of a darker metallic coating. These stunning beads are great in combination with a variety of colors and work well with the sky blue color trend that’s really big this summer.

Capri Blue Luster

Capri Blue Luster

Another beautiful bead with the luster finish, Capri Blue Luster evokes the summer feel of sun shimmer off the surface of deep blue water and lends a tranquility to any color palette.



The beauty of this deep blue – almost purple Cobalt cannot be overstated. Unembellished with any special finishes or coatings, this bead is simply a magnificent color all on it’s own and you can be sure it will make for eye catching designs.

Blue Miracle Iris Glow

Blue Miracle Iris Glow

Not only is this stunning bead transcendentally beautiful, it also has a really cool name! This color, Blue Miracle Iris Glow, is a bold opaque bead with flecks of shimmer and beautifully cut facets that shine in any light!

Take a look at the rest of our selection of beautiful Czech Firepolish beads for all your beading needs!

Getting a Jump on Fall/Winter 2010 Trends

It may be scorching outside, at least in our little neck of the woods, but we’ve heard a lot of our designer friends talking about winter. Well fashion and color trends for the cooler months to be exact, so we’ve decided to put together this handy dandy guide for what’s in, what’s out and what’s an absolute must in terms of glass and crystal jewelry for the fall/winter 2010 season.

Unless you’re Kate Winslet in Titanic, you’ll likely be wearing your jewelry with clothing and that’s why it pays to pay attention to the colors you, your friends or clients are likely to be wearing this fall and winter. When you make a piece of jewelry that shines paired with the trendiest of outfits you know you’ve hit on something fabulous!

According to the Pantone Color Institute, the top 10 Fall 2010 colors for women are:


Golden Glow

Living Coral

Lipstick Red

Purple Orchid

Chocolate Truffle



Oyster Gray

Rose Dust

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