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New Czech PRONG Beads and new CzechMates: 3-hole BEAM beads & 2-hole CABOCHON beads

January is a busy month for beading. We are all trying to get ready for the next season, Tucson show starts at the end of the month and, as almost every year at this time, we are anxiously waiting for the launch of the new glass beads from the Czech Republic. It seems like there is no end to the ingenuity of the Czech bead-masters. This year we’ll soon be able to play with CzechMates 3-hole Beam Beads, CzechMates 2-hole Cabochons and Prong Beads.


CzechMates 3-hole Beams look like stretched 2-hole Bars with a third hole added in the middle. 3-hole beams are 10×3 mm in size. They can be used as spacers or with other beads as linking components . Free patterns for all three shapes are already available on our site, so please check out free patterns.

CzechMates 2-hole Cabochons are flat at the bottom and have a domed top. These beads were first offered for a pre-sale as 6mm Cabochons and then while we were all waiting for the delivery Czech manufacturer reclassified them as 7mm. Their actual size is 6.5mm so be careful not to confuse them with 2-hole Cabochons which look identical but are smaller and measure exactly 6mm. The size difference when you compare both Cabochons is quite dramatic.

Prong Beads look like a shark’s tooth and measure 6×3 mm. They have only one hole and can be used individually as small drops or in bead-weaving patterns.

All three new Czech bead shapes are available now in a large assortment of colors on Eureka Crystal Beads website.





Winter Inspiration for DIY Beading


Winter is the best season for catching up on your DIY beaded jewelry projects. As you huddle up in your home to stay warm, get inspired by the beauty of the outdoors in winter for all your beading designs.

polar vortex beading winter jewelry supplies wholesale beads

This winter as been impressively cold in most parts of North America. Along with the cold, there have been some magnificent images of ice and snow that take the breath away, such as this lighthouse in Minnesota above. Fringe-like icicles, the glitter of ice and snow in the sunshine…these are all great ways to inspire your jewelry making for 2014!


Take a cue from the rosy warmth of winter sunrise, and use a gold, dusty rose, vintage rose and peach color palette to bring some warmth to those cold winter days.


Perennially popular crystal rhinestone chain is a great way to create that sparkling fringe effect on all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. To learn how to use rhinestone chain in jewelry making check out this post.



Wintertime lends itself to blue and white hues so check out our great selection of Swarovski crystal beads and Czech glass in a wide palette of blues from powdery baby blue to deep cobalt!


Use Swarovski crystal pearls in light blue together with crystal bicones in aquamarine for a sparkly, wintery delight.


If you’re going for a more casual look, leather cord is the way to go. Make your own version of the above bracelet with just a few components, including metallic mint green leather cord, large hole metal beads and a Swarovski Cosmic Ring!


Use hand crafted Czech glass buttons for focal pieces that will really stand out, even in a blizzard!


Czech Mates Two Hole Beads

The Building Blocks of Modern Beading


We’ve just gotten a batch of Two Hole Bricks in delicious new colors and finishes like Persian Turquoise, Rose Gold Topaz Opaque Luster and Iris Blue.

These cute little beads are the newest members of our Two Hole bead family, Czech Mates, which includes Twin Beads, Two Hole Daggers, Two Hole Bars, Two Hole Lentils and Two Hole Tiles. See all at in Czech Glass Beads at Eureka Crystal Beads.


The benefits of two hole beads are tremendous. They add stability, definition and shape to all designs and are especially useful for bracelets, intricate necklaces and for creating unique shapes such as this star burst using Czech glass Twin Beads.


The extra hole in each bead expands your possible design ideas exponentially, allowing you to follow your imagination anywhere it leads and create beautiful and unusual shapes that will have everyone scratching their heads wondering how it was done!



Czech Glass Twin Beads in action!

The Two Hole Tiles and Two Hole Bricks are perfect components for uber trendy Chan Luu style wrap bracelets such as this one from Bead Street Online below.


Take a look at all the options you have using this exciting new innovation in beading!

Top Three Ways to Ruin Your Beadwork Sales


An inviting setup by Kimberlie Kohler.

We spoke with several expert designers for this week’s issue about how to prevent some of the biggest mistakes new beaders make when they are just starting out and working really hard to attract a clientele. Over and over again we heard the same thing, there are three surefire ways to ruin your sales and scare away customers.

1)    Use cheap findings – often overlooked, the humble jump ring or crimp tube can be the difference between a piece of jewelry that works or one that falls apart instantly. Don’t get the reputation for making jewelry that doesn’t last. Use the best quality findings and your customers will return again and again.

2)    Use inferior or knockoff crystal – cheap crystal, often falsely advertized as “Swarovski,” lacks the sparkle and brilliance of the genuine article. Don’t get taken in by retailers who are not Create Your Style partners and sell at astronomic discount. There are lots of ways to make affordable beaded jewelry using genuine Swarovski crystals. Techniques for using less beads, mixing crystal with Bohemian glass or seed beads will make your project easy on the budget without sacrificing the glamor of genuine Swarovski.



The difference in quality is obvious!

3)    Ignore fashion trends – another serious mistake many beaders make is to forget to follow the trends of the season, getting suck with absolutely beautiful designs in all the wrong colors. Of course you shouldn’t feel bound by color trends, but knowing what is popular, what will be in demand and especially what will coordinate with the looks that everyone will be wearing in upcoming seasons will help you turn the typical “it’s beautiful but it doesn’t go with anything I have” into “this will go perfectly with my new dress!”

This year's color of the year: Emerald.

This year’s color of the year: Emerald.

Luckily, here at Eureka, you are guaranteed to find the highest quality supplies for all your jewelry making needs as well as a whole team devoted to keeping you informed of the latest trends, innovations and tricks of the trade. Don’t skimp on quality and stay informed by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Eureka! A Little About Us.

It’s been a whirlwind week here at Eureka Crystal Beads.  After creating Facebook and Twitter profiles, a blog seemed like the next logical step. With these few keystrokes, we are now firmly established on the world wide web. It is in this blog that we will explore all of the up-to-the minute trends, latest innovations and creations in the world of beading, with special emphasis on Swarovski Crystal elements and Czech glass beads. We want to introduce you to the newest products, techniques, methods and designers. But first, let us introduce ourselves.

Since its founding in 2004, Eureka Crystal Beads has worked hard to provide customers with the best quality crystal and glass beads and exceptional customer service. We began with one small table at a Bead Expo in Fitchburg, MA with about 50 items. Today we carry over 4000 items in our webstore and do over 30 shows a year in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region. We are now in the midst of a major expansion. It is a very exciting time as we will be introducing new product lines, appearing at more shows throughout the country and partnering with Swarovski designers. We owe all of our successes to our loyal customers, many who have been with us from the very beginning and deserve our most heartfelt thanks.