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3-hole Czech Glass Ava beads and 3-hole Czech Glass Cali Beads

Short time ago we were adding 3-hole Arcos par Puca beads and 3-hole Beam beads to our stock wondering if any more of 3-hole bead shapes could be coming in the future. We didn’t have to wait long. Our newest additions are 3-hole Ava beads and 3-hole Cali beads which expanded our 3-hole glass bead category to four uniquely shaped beads.


3-hole Czech Glass AVA beads have a unique “V” shape. One hole is placed at the base of the “V” and the other two go through the two arms of the bead. Ava beads are hand-pressed glass beads. They measure 10×4 mm and are about 3 mm thick. They have large holes, which will easily accommodate multiple passes of stringing material.


Cali beads are marquise-shaped with three evenly spaced parallel holes placed about 2 mm apart. Their marquise, or navette shape allows for creating curvatures and tapered edges in beaded designs. You can use them in elaborated bead weaving as well as in simple stringing projects as spacers.

Designs with Cali and Ava beads:



TOHO Beads wholesale to the public

Eureka Crystal Beads an Authorized Swarovski Reseller is also a leading distributor of Czech Glass Beads and TOHO Japanese Seed Beads. We have recently expanded wholesale section on our website. We sell at very low prices directly to the public. If you are interested in larger quantities of TOHO or Swarovski please visit us at https://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/wholesale/ and see what we have to offer:


You should also know that all wholesale orders are shipped free of charge within the USA if their value is over $35 .

We frequently offer discount coupons and specials, but they don’t apply to Wholesale/Bulk quantities since prices here are already rock bottom.

Should you be interested in Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls Eureka Crystal Beads has all of them at the lowest prices anywhere.


We deliver value!



Czech Firepolish Beads are here to stay, buy them on sale now!

It seems that in the past year or so the entire focus of the beading industry has been on 2-hole beads and 4-hole beads. There is no question that this, relatively new, development of adding additional holes to the glass beads has revolutionized beading and hooked us even more on a hobby which we already liked, but it doesn’t mean that traditional one-hole beads are going away any time soon. As a matter of fact Eureka Crystal Beads now stocks and sells more Firepolish beads than ever before.


We now have over 500 uniquely beautiful colors and finishes in sizes ranging from 2 mm Firepolish beads to 8 mm Firepolish beads. We have so much of them that we decided to reward our fellow beaders with the year’s end firepolish beads sale.


This sale has just started, is limited to only 2 days and, depending on which Firepolish beads you are buying, you can save 25% and in some cases way over 30%. So go to Eureka Crystal Beads website now and stock up on your favorite colors.

Please sign up for Eureka’s newsletter at the footer of our website and you don’t miss future sales, new free patterns, free gifts and beading news.

New Free Beading Pattern for Victory Bangle & Your Favorite Zipper Bracelet

We have recently added free beading patterns to our website. They are all available to you in a printed form.  Not surprisingly Zipper Bracelet by Anna Lindell is one of your favorites.


Zipper Bracelet is easy to make, looks great and is very comfortable to wear. The zig-zag texture of its design adds eye-catching contrast and flair. Main beads needed to make this bracelet are Two Hole Czech Triangles, which you can find in our Czech Glass, CzechMates section. Base is made with 1.5 mm Toho Cubes. You will also need size 11 and size 15 Toho. For a full list of supplies click here.

You can make your own variations of this bracelet. In a green bracelet pictured above we have used 3 mm Toho Bugles (on top of Triangles), the gold one we have dressed up with a 3 mm Swarovski Bicone.

Both bracelets look fabulous. Personally we like the one with 3 mm Bicones better. Swarovski adds a little bit of sparkle and interest to this already exceptional design.

And here is another free bracelet pattern which takes 2-Hole Triangles. It is called Victory Bangle. This design by Nichole Starman starts with a strong foundation of Two Hole Bricks, which quickly works up to delicate yet edgy bands of Triangles. By the end you’ll have created a solid bangle with a texture and depth that is only possible with two hole czech beads.




Now for only one day you can enjoy a fabulous 25% discount on our Two Hole Czech Triangle Beads. So use code THT25, get them now and save. Get your free pattern with an order and let your creative juices flow. Click on a banner below to shop. Only one day left!


DIY Earring Inspiration

eureka crystal beads wholesale beading diy sale earrings trends projects

This week earring components and more are on sale here at Eureka! Take advantage of this fantastic offer and stock up on all your earring making supplies.


Need some inspiration? Look no further! We’ve collected some of our favorite earring examples and styles so that you can get started with your own creations!

bead earrings3

Bright summery chandelier earrings evoke carefree summertime.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Emma Roberts in cool blue statement earrings.


A selection of simple and pretty earring styles. Which is your favorite?

bead earrings2

This color combination is truly fantastic  and these earrings can be easily made with Czech Charlotte Cut Beads or Japanese Toho Seed Beads.

beaded earrings4

Large statement earrings are still big for the season. Use all your large and irregular Czech beads to get the same effect.

_mg_9137-edit _slaqua-pi _pecoba_0


Beautiful and intricate bead and wire work here.


These hoop and pearl bead earrings are also stunning and evoke wooden vines and the natural world.

beaded earrings5

Runway styles.


More earring ideas that will turn heads.


Beautiful, brilliant and sparkly.

Winter Inspiration for DIY Beading


Winter is the best season for catching up on your DIY beaded jewelry projects. As you huddle up in your home to stay warm, get inspired by the beauty of the outdoors in winter for all your beading designs.

polar vortex beading winter jewelry supplies wholesale beads

This winter as been impressively cold in most parts of North America. Along with the cold, there have been some magnificent images of ice and snow that take the breath away, such as this lighthouse in Minnesota above. Fringe-like icicles, the glitter of ice and snow in the sunshine…these are all great ways to inspire your jewelry making for 2014!


Take a cue from the rosy warmth of winter sunrise, and use a gold, dusty rose, vintage rose and peach color palette to bring some warmth to those cold winter days.


Perennially popular crystal rhinestone chain is a great way to create that sparkling fringe effect on all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. To learn how to use rhinestone chain in jewelry making check out this post.



Wintertime lends itself to blue and white hues so check out our great selection of Swarovski crystal beads and Czech glass in a wide palette of blues from powdery baby blue to deep cobalt!


Use Swarovski crystal pearls in light blue together with crystal bicones in aquamarine for a sparkly, wintery delight.


If you’re going for a more casual look, leather cord is the way to go. Make your own version of the above bracelet with just a few components, including metallic mint green leather cord, large hole metal beads and a Swarovski Cosmic Ring!


Use hand crafted Czech glass buttons for focal pieces that will really stand out, even in a blizzard!


Boelyn Bracelets

Perfect project for Czech Firepolish Beads and Seed beads of various kinds!

HippieFreak Beads!

boelyn 22

I came across a download for the Boelyn Bracelet, a project by Mandy Duffy from Bead and Button magazine. For some reason the “link” feature is not working for me today on WordPress, so I will say if you google “Boelyn Bracelet”, the second thing that comes up is the PDF download for this project.

boelyn 21

The bracelet came out so nice, and is so sturdy feeling, that I am going nuts making these! I have 6 made so far, which has wiped out my stash of fire polished 6mm rounds. As soon as I get some more….back to the Boelyn bracelets! I saw some of these on Etsy for forty bucks!

boelyn 20

Anyway it is not a difficult project – the most tedious part is the final embellishment, but even that is easy! This project uses about 22 6mm round beads, about double that of 4mm rounds, 20 or so fire…

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New Products Coming Soon!


We already mentioned how excited we are about all the new beads we have coming in from the Czech Republic but we have other new products to look forward to as well!


Due to popular request we’ll soon be expanding our leather cord line. We’ll be adding several new regular colors and brand new dyed leather cord . This dyed leather cord is not coated what gives it a more natural look and feel.


We also have new findings coming soon!

Due to the popularity and high demand of our Rivolis and Rivoli settings we are expanding out setting line. We will now offer new earring settings and will be offering great tutorials to show you how you can use them too!

b d

What are Rulla Beads?

Rulla Beads are a new shape of Czech glass seed beads.


Rulla beads are 5x3mm and barrel shaped. These beads also have two holes measuring approximately 0.7mm each.

Rulla Profile

Rulla beads are made by the same manufacturer as SuperDuo seed beads so they are available in matching colors.

These beads are very pretty and versatile and will give you so many design options once you start using them.


These beautiful earrings by Jane Cruz are an example of the versatility of Rulla beads. For her free instructions take a look here.

Here at Eureka, we strive to carry the most unique and beautiful colors and finishes of Rulla beads such as opaque colors, Picasso and metallic finishes. Stay tuned while we expand our selection in the coming weeks.

This Just In: New Farfalle Beads!

We’ve just added fabulous new colors to our selection of farfalle beads (also known as butterfly beads). These include the following popular colors and many more! Check out our great prices and constantly expanding selection here.

Amethyst AB

Antique Silver

Chrome Terra

Cobalt AB



Ruby AB Lumi

Play around with these new colors and see what kinds of inspired creations you can come up with! Or try them in the gorgeous right angle weave bracelet we highlighted here.

Bead your heart out!