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Beads on the move – Eureka Crystal Beads has a new home

After many months of search for a perfect place Eureka Crystal Beads has finally moved to a new home. Our new address is: 1005 Main Street suite 112, Pawtucket, RI 02865. We are located now in the Hope Artiste Village. Hope Artiste Village is one of the largest mill restoration projects in Rhode Island. It is a hub of cultural activity. The Village hosts a mix of art studios, lofts, retail shops, light industrial workshops, high tech and internet companies and professional office suites. It boasts cafes, a coffee roaster, a live music venue, fitness studios, designers, artisans, event spaces and a bustling wintertime farmer’s market.

Moving our large inventory and setting up a new place, while we continue shipping your bead orders, is quite a challenge but don’t worry, your bead shipments continue going out in a timely manner.

To celebrate our move, which is directly related to Eureka Crystal Beads unprecedented growth, we have put our Czech Glass Beads and Toho Japanese Seed Beads on sale. It is a limited time sale so if you have not taken advantage of it yet please go to our website now otherwise you may miss it.

We move, you save!

Buy now and take some load off our hands. It is a win-win! You cannot even imagine how heavy these Czech Glass Beads and Japanese Seed Beads are.


moving out



moving in

You are welcome to visit when we set up Eureka Crystal Beads showroom. Hope Artiste Village is a cool place. We have a coffee roaster with a coffee shop right next door and a restaurant and a pub down the hallway.

Your response to the moving sale has been phenomenal. Some of the items are already out of stock and will be restocked with a slight delay. Please enter your e-mail in the “notify me” field to be the first one to know that the item is back in stock.

Japanese Delicas and Tulip needles will soon be added to our offering.

Thank you for your support.

Your dedicated Eureka Crystal Beads team.


TOHO Beads wholesale to the public

Eureka Crystal Beads an Authorized Swarovski Reseller is also a leading distributor of Czech Glass Beads and TOHO Japanese Seed Beads. We have recently expanded wholesale section on our website. We sell at very low prices directly to the public. If you are interested in larger quantities of TOHO or Swarovski please visit us at https://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/wholesale/ and see what we have to offer:


You should also know that all wholesale orders are shipped free of charge within the USA if their value is over $35 .

We frequently offer discount coupons and specials, but they don’t apply to Wholesale/Bulk quantities since prices here are already rock bottom.

Should you be interested in Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls Eureka Crystal Beads has all of them at the lowest prices anywhere.


We deliver value!



Chrysanthemum Bracelet with 2-hole Crescents, 2-hole Lentils and 6 mm Czech Druk Beads brightens our cold winter days

Winter has finally arrived in New England. Temperature has dipped overnight by 15 degrees and ground is covered with a layer of fresh snow. Those of you who live in the South may think that it is a real struggle to make it through the cold winter months here, but to tell you the truth at Eureka Crystal Beads we don’t get affected by the weather changes too much. We always have beading projects to do and these keep our spirits up and keep us warm on the inside. Just recently we have featured on our website a fabulous free beading project by Nichole Starman called Chrysanthemum Bracelet.


Chrysanthemum Bracelet is made of individual beaded flowers which are joined together to form a bracelet. You can easily use leftover beads for this project, but if you don’t have them you can purchase TWO HOLE CRESCENTS, TWO HOLE LENTILS & 6 mm DRUK BEADS from Eureka at a discount (till tomorrow).


We like this project because it is quite inexpensive, lets you use beads which you already may have in your stash and gives you a lot of freedom with choosing colors.  You can make flowers in any color combinations and you can use clasp of your choice.

Get a free pattern, get beads on sale, get free shipping (all orders $35+), get to work and be thankful for this great hobby which keeps us all happy and young.



Czech Firepolish Beads are here to stay, buy them on sale now!

It seems that in the past year or so the entire focus of the beading industry has been on 2-hole beads and 4-hole beads. There is no question that this, relatively new, development of adding additional holes to the glass beads has revolutionized beading and hooked us even more on a hobby which we already liked, but it doesn’t mean that traditional one-hole beads are going away any time soon. As a matter of fact Eureka Crystal Beads now stocks and sells more Firepolish beads than ever before.


We now have over 500 uniquely beautiful colors and finishes in sizes ranging from 2 mm Firepolish beads to 8 mm Firepolish beads. We have so much of them that we decided to reward our fellow beaders with the year’s end firepolish beads sale.


This sale has just started, is limited to only 2 days and, depending on which Firepolish beads you are buying, you can save 25% and in some cases way over 30%. So go to Eureka Crystal Beads website now and stock up on your favorite colors.

Please sign up for Eureka’s newsletter at the footer of our website and you don’t miss future sales, new free patterns, free gifts and beading news.

Round Czech Firepolish Beads and Firepolish Gemstone Doughnuts also known as Czech Faceted Rondelles

Hi everyone!

It has been a very intense and busy week. We have put our favorite and best selling Firepolish beads on sale. You can save over 35% on some items, since you are able to apply a -25% firepolish coupon to all sale items and to multiple item discounts. We know that no other company offers prices this low and your response to the sale proves it to us. Thank you – we are processing your orders as fast as we can. For those of you who have not taken advantage of this sale yet a reminder, IT ENDS TODAY AT 10 PM EST – so hurry, stock up now and “bead your heart out” later! You cannot go wrong, especially with a free shipping option available for all orders $35+

click on a banner to shop


Those of you who have ever placed an order with us know that we include (in each order) a free pattern of the month. September pattern is called Bellflower Earrings, by a TrendSetter Cindy Holsclaw.



Starting next month you will be getting a new free pattern with each order. It will be a cool  bracelet. You’ll love it!

And now going back to our sale. You all use firepolish beads, but do you know where the name comes from?

Here are some interesting facts:

FIREPOLISH BEADS are pressed out of lead free, colored glass rods, processed in large drum-shaped, semi-automatic grinding machines to eliminate lumps, or irregularities and  placed in industrial ovens for firepolishing, during which their surface is slightly melted to make them look shiny and feel smooth. This ages-old, traditional firepolishing process transforms ordinary glass beads into sparkly, vintage looking beads sought after by all beaders.

Firepolish Gemstone Doughnuts are perfect for quick and easy but attractive projects. Make an earring featured below from discontinued colors (still in stock).



Kheops Puca Free Beading Project – Cleopatra Bracelet – Puca Beads 25% sale

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week.  I know for some of you out there you are getting your kids ready to go back to school or they are already back in school. Woohoo! This means more time to bead and shop for beads.  And we can always use more time for both of these. So, check out our website Eureka Crystal Beads for free patterns, beads, and kits to help you out.


Also, I wanted to let you know that I picked a bracelet name.  It will be called The Cleopatra Bracelet.  Amy from Baltimore, MD came up with the name.  The runners up names were Sharknado by Sarah and Earth…Sky…Water by Jenny.   Thank you all for sending in names for the bracelet.  They were all very good names.  It was really hard to pick just one.  I hope you all enjoy the Cleopatra Bracelet.  You can find it on our website Eurekacrystalbeads.com.  And it is free.  Also, you can find all the materials on our website for the bracelet.  Until next time…Bead Your Heart Out!


Cleopatra Bracelet

You know Toho seed beads, but do you know how long they have been around?


TOHO seed beads are manufactured in Japan. We all know them and use them for a variety of projects. It seems like they have been around forever, but in fact their history is very short by the glass making standards. You will be quite surprised to learn that history of glass beads making in Japan goes back only a few decades. It has all started in Hiroshima Fukuyama area in the early 1930s where a small “mom-and-pop” operations were founded to supply local artists with small glass beads. Most of the artists were connected to the kabuki theatre and adorned  costumes and accessories for the plays, with tiny beads. After about two decades of operation one of these micro businesses was incorporated into TOHO, a full scale factory and the industrial scale production was launched in 1952.

Toho seed beads are pressed from glass rods and heated until they are smooth and shiny. They are available in hundreds of colors and many finishes. TOHO colors are standardised and numbered so you can always find the right one to complete your project.



Round Seed beads are sized by number – the higher the number, the smaller the bead,…, 15º seed beads are smaller than 8º.

Toho makes popular, cylindrical Bugle Beads.



TOHO manufactures Cube beads with a large hole.



Toho seed beads are generally more consistent in shape and have larger holes than Czech seed beads, allowing more passes of beading thread. Toho has a competitor in Japan called Miyuki which was founded around the same time and has a similar history.

SuperDuos are loved for their versatility. See what we made with two hole beads.

One of the most popular CZECHMATES are Superduos. Superduos have been around for only about a year and let’s face it – we all love them and sometimes wonder how beading was possible without them. They are two-hole glass beads made in the Czech Republic. The Superduos are very consistent in size (5×2.5mm) and shape (oval, with a little bump between the holes), which means less waste when culling (separating the good beads from not so good beads). Superduos come in many colors and finishes and you will find most of them at Eureka Crystal Beads website. They are sold in 10 gram tubes. These are very versatile beads and sit together nicely. In the culling process you need to look for blocked holes. Either, a small blockage, meaning you can see through but there is something in the way. Or a lot, can’t see through at all and sometimes can’t even tell if  there is a hole.  When I buy new tubes, they are dumped and checked. If, by carefully inserting a needle tool or a bead reamer I can unblock the hole I toss them back in the tube, the broken ones I toss away. Yeah, I work at it until it is unblocked or broken (every bead deserves a chance). Thankfully, I usually only have one or two in a tube that are unusable. You can make cool stuff with Superduos. Take a look at some of the bracelets below and be on a lookout for free projects, coming soon …..Michelle-Eureka Crystal Beads


These charming and comfortable bangle style bracelets are made exclusively with SuperDuos, czech Glass Two Hole Beads. They are finished with secure but at the same time easy to close and open magnetic clasps available at Eureka Crystal Beads.



Above are examples of our new designs made with Czech Firepolish beads, two hole lentils and two hole triangles. One of the designs will soon be available  from Eureka Crystal Beads in a kit (see currently available kits), for the other one we will soon post a free tutorial online.

Get the Most Out of Your Jewelry Designs with Dagger Beads

czech glass dagger beads eureka crystal

Czech pressed glass dagger beads are a beautiful way to add flair and drama to your jewelry designs. Whether you choose small 10×3, large 16×5 or even two hole dagger beads, you won’t be disappointed with the effect.


Above: Sheryl’s Earrings and Below: Val’s Necklace


dagger jewelry vintage style trendy diy beading necklace eureka crystal beads

Above: whimsical use of daggers as hair in this beautiful vintage style necklace.

stacked bracelets trend beads beaded diy jewelry eureka

Above: Dagger bracelets make a great addition to armloads of jewelry in the stacking trend. This one was made using the Freestyle Technique. Find instructions here!


Above: Slinky Scales Two Hole Dagger Bracelet by Svetlana Einy

These fantastic little beads come with either one hole or part of the Czech Mates two hole series, giving you even more options for making jewelry.

necklace kit beaded jewelry diy val hirata eureka

Above: Our Sparkling Fairy Lily necklace kit by Swarovski designer Val Hirata.

Take a look at some of these fantastic ideas using daggers for effect and give Czech glass dagger beads a try in your own projects.


Above: Judi Weingarten’s Intermittent Dagger Bracelet.


Above: Val’s Dagger Flower charms.

They are some of the most versatile jewelry making supplies and add a touch of whimsy or a bit of edge, depending on how you use them!

dagger bracelet beaded diy jewelry

Above: Try your hand at making one of these fabulous dagger bracelets with our Step by Step Tutorial!

Check out the sparkling variety of colors and finishes that are available right now on our webstore!

Pink Orange Sunflower beaded pendant daggers rivoli swarovski

Take your beaded jewelry design projects in a whole new direction with Czech glass dagger beads!

Take a look at some of our beautiful colors below:

radiant pink two hole dagger glass bead czech jewelry supply wholesale eureka

Above: Milky Pink Luster Two Hole Dagger Beads

silver dagger beads eureka crystal czech glass wholesale

Above: The small 10x3mm Czech Glass Silver Dagger Beads

turquoise bronze picasso czech dagger beads wholesale eureka

Above: Turquoise Bronze Picasso Two Hole Dagger Beads

dagger beads multi colored crimson eureka pressed glass czech wholesale diy jewelry

Above: Small 10x3mm Czech Glass Dagger Beads in Crimson Tide

dagger beads czech glass eureka

Above: Large 16x5mm Czech Glass Dagger Beads in Magic Raspberry 

New Toho Japanese Seed Beads

Adding to our wide selection of wholesale Austrian crystal and Czech glass beads, we are proud to now be carrying the finest quality of Japanese seed beads, also available at wholesale prices to the public.

bluegreenmetallic toho japanese seed beads eureka crystal beading diy jewelry

TOHO means “Eastern Treasure” in Japanese and you will find that these beautiful little beads are worth treasuring.


TOHO seed beads are one of the most popular seed beads used in beading and jewelry making. Their uniformity of size and shape makes them a perfect fit for almost any project. TOHO beads are glass beads that are machine manufactured in Japan.

toho japanese seed beads glass crystal jewelry beading diy projects

TOHO seed beads have a larger hole than those found in most beads of similar size, this larger hole allows for multiple-pass stringing, and more creative options in your bead work. This also makes Toho beads lighter by weight than other brands so you get more beads per gram!

grape metallic toho seed beadsmetallic pandora toho seed beads

Check out our selection of colors regularly as we are constantly adding new colors and finishes.

pine green opaque toho seed beads eureka crystalmetallic dragonfly toho seed beads

Verdant greens, vibrant blues available for all your creative needs.

iris blue matte frosted toho seed beads

Bright firey tones add drama to any design.

saffron toho seed beadsterracotta toho seed beads