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Light and Shadow: New Swarovski Innovations for Fall and Winter 2018/2019

Light and shadow, nothing within the physical world can escape this duality; it is the nature of human consciousness and our planet. In order for our spiritual side to embrace this journey, we must experience the shadow side of spirit. Our daily lives are influenced by our perception of the world. The shadow has both negative and positive aspects that we must learn that we must learn from. This fall and winter season, these dueling perspectives will be brought to light. Today we present Swarovski’s new Innovations and Inspirations for Fall/Winter 2018/2019. These new Crystals interpret the times that we live in; drawing on the present, reflecting the past and envisioning the future.


Swarovski is also debuting brand new colors to add to their ever-expanding color palette.

Introducing Swarovski’s new Crystal Color: SCARLET


Scarlet is the latest note-worthy color; symbolizing passion and excitement with a dignified edge. This opulent shade is available through out Swarovski’s product range in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not to mention, this new Swarovski color is environmentally responsible, containing no cadmium.

Introducing Swarovski’s new Crystal Pearl Color: VELVET BROWN


Crystal Velvet brown invokes a classic and elegant mood. With it’s luxurious feel, this Pearl is decadent with an elegant edge, reminding us to celebrate the finer things in life. With it’s vintage appeal your designs will be further enhanced with it’s sophisticated allure.


Introducing a Line Extension of Swarovski Crystal SHIMMER EFFECT


Inspired by Swarovski’s notable Aurora Borealis Collection, shimmer represents vibrancy and elegance to the max. This ultra brilliant Crystal coating was originally used to enliven the dance sport industry.  This subtle coating emits a rainbow of multi-colored refractions; radiating three shades of a single color. Now you can enjoy this alluring look on Pendants, Crystal Beads, Round Stones and Sew-On Stones.


Designer Iris Van Herpen combines striking and bold designs influenced by biomimetic sciences, nanotechnology and contemporary architecture. The Designer Edition Series showcases Van Herpens’ two different Crystal Pendants inspired by the powerful forces of nature.


The first new Swarovski Designer Edition Pendant is the ‘6926’ GROWING CRYSTAL RHOMBUS PENDANT. This pendant is both brilliant and complex. The crystalline structure is filled with tiny fissures that reflect and refract the light.

The second new Swarovski Crystal Designer Edition Pendant is the ‘6925’ GROWING CRYSTAL RECTANGLE PENDANT. This unique rectangle pendant resembles a the cross section of a druse crystal, in both excellence and complexity.


Introducing New Swarovski CRYSTAL 3-D STUDS

These eye-catching 3D Studs were created by Van Herpen and Swarovski exclusively for her runway show. Crystals sit upon metal casings that are available in three different height options. They are perfect for adding texture to any garment.


Introducing Swarovski Crystal Flat-back Rhinestones and Sew-on Stones

Swarovski brings to life the finest precision cut crystal with cutting edge application methods. The jewel cut flat backs lavish shapes and gem like colors, make them ideal for embellishing. The new Crystal flat back shapes include: ‘2201’ Marquise Flatback, the ‘2303’ Pear Flatback and the ‘2602’ Emerald Cut Flatback.


The new Swarovski Sew-on Stone is the ‘3272’ Trilliant Sew-on Stone

This classic gemstone has three holes and can be hand sewn or applied using any threading technique.

New Swarovski Crystal ‘4775’ Eye Fancy stone


This symbol represents the traditional Evil Eye and is said to protect the wearer from Evil.

As Always be sure to check our website for the latest

Swarovski news and trends!




Swarovski Innovations Spring-Summer 2018 – New Pearls Iridescent Dark Blue and Iridescent Light Blue

Swarovski has just launched INNOVATIONS for SPRING and SUMMER 2018 featuring new crystal shapes, new crystal lacquer colors (available only in no-hole stones) and two new Iridescent Pearl colors. To complement the Swarovski launch Eureka Crystal Beads offers brand new  Crystal Twilight Coating on Rivolis, Chatons and Bicones. Twilight coating  is a great addition to the “Spell Bound” theme.

The main theme of the launch is “New Perspective”. Here is how Swarovski own designers try to approach the ever-changing world around us:


“At Swarovski we don’t just develop products, we develop products that speak, that have voice, that mean something. Through our innovations we tell our story, share our believes and highlight our desires. This is then the story of our time and this season our story is the need for new perspectives.”

“We live in an age of disruption. One in which technology, gender, borders, and mindsets are all being broken down. The new value revolution has begun, as we seek to redefine ourselves and eradicate the out-modeled structures of the past.”

Here are some of the main themes:

nature and technology intertwines and coexists


old and new, eternal and surreal – escape!


mutiny and street style revolution





New Swarovski Crystal Colors: LacquerPro Azure Blue, Peony Pink, Summer, Mint Green, Light Coral are available only in no-hole stones, Rivolis and Chatons.

New Swarovski Pearl Colors Iridescent Light Blue and Iridescent Dark Blue are available from Eureka Crystal Beads in sizes 3mm to 8mm.

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To complement Swarovski Launch and its “Spell Bound” theme Eureka Crystal Beads offers our new, exclusive Crystal Twilight Custom Coating. This new color is now available in:

12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli

14mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli

8mm Swarovski Crystal Chaton

Try this incredible, limited edition color, available only from Eureka Crystal Beads. See Swarovski Twilight Finish.


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New Swarovski Shapes for 2018:




Traditional Pearls Are Hip Again!


We all know (and love!) the simple but classic elegance of a string of pearls. And what’s lovelier than getting that pearl feel and quality by using Swarovski crystal pearls?


But take a look at runways from New York to Paris to Milan and you will find pearls paired in ways that are anything but traditional.


Miu Miu

Anyone who has been keeping their eye on the fashion scene would have noticed the pearl creeping back in over the last few seasons as young jewelry designers place them in unexpected places such as ear cuffs and pair them with unusual materials.




This winter, however, you are increasingly going to be seeing the democratization of that classic pearl strand as everyday street wear. Designers are pairing this classic element with denim patches, military jackets and the sports sweaters that are so very now.


Maison Margiela, Chanel, Miu Miu

This is a great time to dig out your old pearl necklaces or construct a new heirloom of your very own using our beautiful and versatile Swarovski crystal pearls! Adding a simple pearl necklace to your outfit is the best way to look fashionable today.



Swarovski Inovations Spring/Summer 2017 – The Balance of Nature

At the beginning of this year, Swarovski launched their new line of crystal colors and shapes. The main theme of this year’s release was “THE BALANCE OF NATURE”. The idea came from recognizing the fact that over the past 15 years we have witnessed radical changes in the way we meet, interact, live and even age. The influx of new technology has steadily become overwhelming and made us want to step back, to pause and seek fulfillment, satisfaction  and meaning in our busy daily lives. Well-being has become the global mantra. Our desire to reconnect with unspoiled nature, with mind, body and soul is creating a huge demand for travel to off the beaten track destinations, calming practices of meditation and yoga.

With this year’s designs, Swarovski is focusing on well-being, allowing us to reconnect with our inner selves through the eternal elements of Air, Earth, Water and Fire.

A breath of fresh air, remains a potent symbol of calm for all those wishing to retreat from the pressure of daily life. The Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl, is a new stunning Swarovski effect in the Crystal Pearl.

airTimeless romantic design embraces the natural colors of planet Earth. Graphite is a new color representing this trend, a strong, bluish grey-black which is both elegant and mysterious. It forms the perfect gradient transition between Crystal Silver Night and Jet.

fireVibrant, eye-catching colors are the mainstay of the over-the-top glamour favored equally by celebrities. The new color, Yellow Opal is finding its origins in the gemstone Citrine. Yellow Opal is a very happy color. Its bright yellow hue has been give a matte, opalescent finish giving it a genuine gemstone appeal.

Our favorite is Yellow Opal AB2X available now in 3 and 4 mm Swarovski Bicones at Get it now and see for yourself how truly stunning this color is.


Visit our website to see Swarovski Rivolis and Beads in Graphite and Yellow Opal and all other Innovations Spring/Summer 2017.



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One of the newest Swarovski Custom Coatings is Mahogany. Eureka has it available in a Swarovski Bicone and a Swarovski Rivoli. Click on a banner below to see it.


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“bead your heart out”





Coming Soon: DIY Swarovski Pearl Necklace Kits!

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

Here is a sneak peek at two brand new designer Swarovski pearl necklace kits that will be available from Eureka in two weeks! Available in red and green, these original DIY kits include everything you need plus instructions to make one of these gorgeous three strand necklaces.

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

Bold and perfect for summer time, the red necklace is reminiscent of Eastern European folk coral necklaces and adds a perfect pop of color to any outfit. Made with 8mm Swarovski crystal pearls, 5x3mm Czech gemstone doughnuts and 3mm Czech Firepolish beads. It’s finished with a three strand tube bar clasp and all these items are available directly from our website.

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

The classic combination of neutral metallics with jade is a beautiful and elegant look that will turn heads and dress up any outfit. This design is made with 10mm Swarovski crystal pearls, 7x4mm Czech gemstone doughnuts and 4mm Czech Firepolish beads.

eureka crystal beads pearl kits diy jewelry necklace

Stay tuned for even more new gorgeous designs that are coming soon!

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Tea Party

Swarovski crystal pearls are the perfect complement to a spring day out. Their beauty and natural feel make them the best choice for all your designs. Read about Swarovski Crystal Pearls here.

Swarovski crystal pearls iridescent green spring beads diy

New pearl color, Iridescent Green is a beautiful shade that brings out gold and yellow tones.

Swarovski crystal pearls iridescent green spring beads diy

Jade pearls, below, are part of the gem colors series which includes pearl colors that are matte rather than pearlescent or iridescent.

jade pearls

Antique Brass pearls look beautiful in sunlight or in the shade.

swarovski antique brass pearls

Swarovski Ivory pearl is another gem color pearl that goes well with Jade, Turquoise and Lapis pearls as well as with the classic pearly look of Cream.

swarovski ivory pearls beads teacup teapot

Ready for a spot of tea? Swarovski Cream and Ivory pearls are a lovely combination with tea and strawberries.

swarovski pearls teacup strawberries diy

The classic beauty of pearls and teatime.


A teacup of Antique Brass 5810 round Swarovski pearls spills on the new spring grass.


Gold and Bright Gold pearls make a stunning combination.


Light Grey Swarovski pearls are a beautiful neutral that go with almost anything.


Give Swarovski Crystal Pearls a try and you will be amazed at the beauty and quality of these beads.

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Collar Necklaces

These Swarovski pearl collar necklaces are a stunning way to make a statement this spring and summer. Take a look and get inspired!

pink coral swarovski pearl collar necklace

This round collar necklace made of Swarovski Pink Coral Pearls in multiple sizes is a fantastic way to add elegance and a touch of soft pastel color to your springtime outfit. Pair it with dramatic lips for a stunning look.

swarovski pearl collar

Pink Coral pearls with gold TOHO Japanese seed beads create this beautiful necklace.

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

Or go for more dark drama in your look with a Peter Pan-style collar necklace made of Mystic Black pearls interspersed with sparkly 3mm Czech Firepolish beads in Jet.

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

Stay tuned for our upcoming step by step tutorial showing you how to make one of these pearl statement necklaces of your very own!

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

And enjoy the warmer weather with these statement pearl necklaces!

Pearl swarovski collar necklace spring

Now Available Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2015

swarovski crystal innovations 2015

Check out our latest arrivals from Swarovski! Beautiful new Tangerine crystal color and Iridescent Green finish as well as Iridescent Green Crystal Pearl now available online.

tangerine swarovski innovations 2015 beads crystal

Combine vibrant Tangerine with Pantone’s 2014 color of the year: Radiant Orchid for a bright contemporary look.

iridescent green rivoli swarovski innovations 2015 spring summer

Use Iridescent Green finished Rivolis or Swarovski Rounds with neutral tones for a sophisticated look.

iridescent green swarovski innovations 2015

Read more about Swarovski’s Innovations for Spring/Summer 2015 here.

iridescent green pearl swarovski innovations 2015 spring summer

The beauty of Swarovski Crystal Pearls is unmatched, as is the quality. Read more about Swarovski Pearls here.

Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2015

Swarovski has just announced their Innovations for Spring/Summer 2015 including crystal color, new crystal effect and a new crystal pearl color. Take a look at the latest Swarovski colors!

New Swarovski Elements Color – Tangerine

swarovski innovations 2015 tangerine crystal beads eureka

With its strong warm orange tone, the new Swarovski Tangerine is a beautiful addition to the range of warm and orange tones available from Swarovski.

Combine Tangerine with warm saturated colors such as browns and golds for an elegant look or contrast with soft greens and blues for a more edgy and modern look.

swarovski innovations tangerine 2015 new color eureka crystal beads

Tangerine will also work wonderfully to create a beautiful sunset-y palette with the color of the year for 2014: Radiant Orchid. Find out more about Radiant Orchid and color palettes for 2014 here.

radiant orchid tangerine color palette 2014 2015

New Swarovski Elements Effect – Iridescent Green

swarovski crystal iridescent green effect spring 2015 new colors crystal beads eureka

Swarovski’s new iridescent green effect is a mysterious metallic green finish that will add a modern edge to any project. Use it with beige and nude tones for sophistication and class or opals for a very refined effect.

New Swarovski Crystal Pearl – Iridescent Green

swarovski iridescent green crystal pearl innovations spring summer 2015 eureka crystal beads

Like the Iridescent Green effect, the Iridescent Green Swarovski Crystal Pearl is a beautiful combination of modern and edgy with refinement and sophistication. These shimmering gold-green pearls work beautifully with metallics and crystals.