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Stunning Swarovski Crystal Colors- a must have in your stash of beads.


Swarovski Crystal beads, pendants and stones are well known for their nonparallel brilliance. Swarovski is the brand name of the best quality crystal available on the market and the tiny gems made of it are the must have components in every bead stash. The most popular shape in a Swarovski crystal line is the BICONE. These beads are available in sizes 2.5, 3, 4, 5,6 and 8 mm.

At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry them all in small, retail packages.


We also carry the most popular sizes in bulk-wholesale. If you are looking for a large quantity of bicones in a certain color, or want to save money in the long run you should consider our bulk deals. You will find there the lowest prices on Swarovski crystal anywhere and your order will still be eligible for free shipping above $35.


We also offer an amazing selection of Swarovski Rivolis in gorgeous colors and finishes.


The most recent addition is the aftermarket Crystal Twilight available in 12 mm and 14 mm.


See other newest additions.


We know that you have been using Swarovski Crystal to dress up your beaded jewelry and to add sparkle to your timeless designs. Swarovski is made in hundreds of amazing colors but you may not know that at Eureka Crystal Beads we carry an extensive line of unique, one of a kind colors and finishes and that we continuously experiment with coatings and add new aftermarket color-finish combinations to our offering. We have them sorted by the finish to help you shop faster. See what we have to offer. Try these mesmerizing color combinations and we guarantee you will be coming for more.



Make a statement with crystal jewelry. See below what Swarovski models are wearing.


Swarovski Innovations Spring-Summer 2018 – New Pearls Iridescent Dark Blue and Iridescent Light Blue

Swarovski has just launched INNOVATIONS for SPRING and SUMMER 2018 featuring new crystal shapes, new crystal lacquer colors (available only in no-hole stones) and two new Iridescent Pearl colors. To complement the Swarovski launch Eureka Crystal Beads offers brand new  Crystal Twilight Coating on Rivolis, Chatons and Bicones. Twilight coating  is a great addition to the “Spell Bound” theme.

The main theme of the launch is “New Perspective”. Here is how Swarovski own designers try to approach the ever-changing world around us:


“At Swarovski we don’t just develop products, we develop products that speak, that have voice, that mean something. Through our innovations we tell our story, share our believes and highlight our desires. This is then the story of our time and this season our story is the need for new perspectives.”

“We live in an age of disruption. One in which technology, gender, borders, and mindsets are all being broken down. The new value revolution has begun, as we seek to redefine ourselves and eradicate the out-modeled structures of the past.”

Here are some of the main themes:

nature and technology intertwines and coexists


old and new, eternal and surreal – escape!


mutiny and street style revolution





New Swarovski Crystal Colors: LacquerPro Azure Blue, Peony Pink, Summer, Mint Green, Light Coral are available only in no-hole stones, Rivolis and Chatons.

New Swarovski Pearl Colors Iridescent Light Blue and Iridescent Dark Blue are available from Eureka Crystal Beads in sizes 3mm to 8mm.

Eureka Crystal Beads offers rock-bottom prices for Swarovski Pearls every day, all the time. No coupons needed. Check our incredible selection of Swarovski Pearls and compare our prices. You will be amazed how much you can save.

To complement Swarovski Launch and its “Spell Bound” theme Eureka Crystal Beads offers our new, exclusive Crystal Twilight Custom Coating. This new color is now available in:

12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli

14mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli

8mm Swarovski Crystal Chaton

Try this incredible, limited edition color, available only from Eureka Crystal Beads. See Swarovski Twilight Finish.


Visit Eureka Crystal Beads today for the best prices and the best selection of Swarovski Crystal, Czech Glass Beads and Toho Japanese Seed Beads.

New Swarovski Shapes for 2018:




Aquamarine – Swarovski Crystal Birthstone for March

Small 2 mm Czech Glass Beads & 2mm and 2.5 mm Swarovski Crystal Beads will amaze you – unfortunately some of them are already discontinued!

Hi everyone. You we probably wondering what is going on at Eureka Crystal Beads. First and foremost Meghan is undergoing a surgery this week and we all wish her well and will keep our fingers crossed for her speedy recovery.

At Eureka we have been working hard adding new beads, almost daily, and constantly putting them on sale. Here is a brief summary:


Before we start we have a sale for all 2mm Swarovski Crystal and Czech Glass Beads going on right now  – if you are in need of these precious, tiny beads get them now, sale ends tomorrow at 1 pm.


Smallest Beads

All small 2 mm Glass and Swarovski Crystal Beads are 25% off for one day

We have added new 2 mm size in Czech Druk beads. These are smooth, round beads with beautiful finishes. We have added new colors and finishes in your favorite 2 mm Firepolish beads. Use them for spacers, accents, as substitutes for crystal. They will add beauty to your beaded project and at the same time save you money. If you would like to have a pearl look, consider our 2 mm Czech Glass Pearls, when added to your design they will tone it down, give it a warm, pastel touch.


Consider buying 2 mm Round Swarovski Crystal. This size has been discontinued by Swarovski in colors. We still have some. Grab them before they are gone forever! A Swarovski Bicone in 2.5 mm is another example of a hard to get size. Swarovski discontinued colors in this size and there are almost none left around.


Till the next time.

Your favorite online store.






Jewelry trends for Spring/Summer 2015. Swarovski color wheel a handy tool for matching colors.

Jewelry and accessories trends for this year’s spring and summer are not strictly defined. Top designers launched a variety of looks from minimalist dangled earrings to large statement earrings, wireworked necklaces and large beaded necklaces. Bangles of any kind for bracelets are in. Colors range from pastel soft, clear crystal to marsala, burgundy, brown and orange. Beige and natural tones are in. And as always your safe bet is black and white. They never go out of style.


Get a free color wheel from Eureka (with each order $25+, till Wed 4/8/2015) to help you match perfect color combinations for your clothes and accessories. Shop now!

Create Your Style Swarovski interactive Color Wheel lets you use basic color theory by quickly and easily determining each type of color relationship. Just pick your main color and see what contrasting colors are, or what matching colors are. You will also be able to match your favorite pearl with crystal and glass color.



Chanel’s fashion riot for Spring/Summer 2015 saw bangles in silver and brightly colored leather. The more bangles the better. Mix several styles and colors, metal and beaded bangles and wear them together. Use memory wire to make bracelets from leftover beads. Make casual bracelets by following the steps in our free tutorial.


Dolce & Gabbana earrings are large and colorful. They have a spanish flair and make a rich, flamboyant statement.  


In contrast to the above earrings are  Swarovski’s Marie Antoinette earrings, which glitter with crystal but blend in with skin and hair color.



Crystal Cascade Earrings. Always beautiful. Made with 6128 Swarovski Crystal Xilion Mini Pears.


Classic minimalist look of simple earrings in gold tone


Swarovski Rivoli Earrings made with our Custom Coated Swarovski Rivolis glued into Closed Back Rivoli Settings or put into Bezel Rivoli Settings.



For Swarovski Crystal stones use E6000 glue, or any craft glue.




Why Swarovski Crystal?

We all love Swarovski Components for their precision diamond-like cuts, impeccable sparkle and consistency in color. At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a huge selection of Swarovski Crystal and are proud to offer the largest selection of custom coated crystal of anyone in the USA. This week all of our Swarovski beads are on sale and we encourage you to see what’s available and to get it for your current and future projects. Some items are in short supply. Swarovski has discontinued 2.5 mm bicones and many AB2X colors in 3 mm bicones.


Some time ago Swarovski changed its formula and started making lead-free crystal. If you haven’t noticed the difference that’s because of the high standards applied at every stage of crystal development, design and manufacturing.


Swarovski’s unique X-Cut technology is based on scientific principles developed by Gemological Institute of America for grading diamonds.


Swarovski company was established  in Wattens, high in the Austrian Alps in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski.


Swarovski Crystal is made in Austria in accord with the high environmental standards.

Swarovski sells its products in over one hundred countries.

Swarovski is working with artists and top designers to mention Christian Dior from all areas of jewelry and fashion.   

cate-blanchett-2014-oscars sparkling-sky-blue-crystal-fashion-pendant-necklace Dior Couture 4 dior-SS13-beauty-01

Exclusive and Unique Swarovski Custom Finishes

Take a look at these new beautiful custom coatings on Swarovski crystal stones and beads available exclusively from Eureka Crystal Beads.

Crystal Honeydew Swarovski Special Finish Custom Coating Eureka Crystal Beads

Crystal Honeydew

Refreshing like its melon namesake, the Honeydew custom finish is eye-catching in its brilliance and a unique finish available exclusively from Eureka.

5621 jet galaxy swarovski custom coating special finish

Jet Galaxy

Dark and brilliant like the night sky, the Jet Galaxy custom coating will add drama and elegance to any project.

ltsiamterra swarovski special coating finish custom

Light Siam Terra

Bring your colors down to earth with a bit of Terra finish that gives a beautiful color like Light Siam a golden, earthy glow.

ocean violet mist swarovski custom coating special finish eureka crystal beads

Ocean Violet Mist

Our latest exclusive option with the Violet Mist finish is Ocean Violet Mist, a beautiful, mystical color that will dazzle all who see it.

rose glacier blue swarovski custom coating special finish eureka crystal beads

Rose Glacier Blue

The beauty of Glacier Blue over the warmth of Rose gives these large Swarovski stones a unique multidimensional shine and brings out a beautiful color combination that would be impossible without the special beauty of custom coatings.

tabac swarovski special finish custom coating eureka crystal beads

Crystal Tabac

An organic color selection reminiscent of mossy woods and earthy landscapes, the Tabac custom coating is a beautiful way to bring the colors of nature into your projects.

To read more about custom coatings on Swarovski crystals check out our two part series A Designer’s Guide to Swarovski Custom Finishes Part 1 and A Designer’s Guide to Swarovski Custom Finishes Part 2.

Peacocking: An Eye Catching Finish


One of the most unique and sought after finishes, the Peacock Effect, is a rainbow-like effect applied to crystal or Czech glass that is reminiscent of the memorizing colors and stunning pattern of the peacock’s plumage.


Peacock Eye is a custom coating on Swarovski elements that is applied aftermarket. Available in rivolis, twist beads and flat briolettes, this unique finish leaves drops of rainbow color on a golden background.


The ideal choice for jaw dropping jewelry that is one of a kind and absolutely stunning.


Czech beads also come with this brilliant effect on leaves, daggers, pillow beads and more!


Peacock finish applied to Czech pressed glass leaves is a beautiful and fun effect.


On daggers it looks stunning both matte and not, and brings out the beauty of a number of colors.


Peacock lined daggers have the same effect only applied with less precision. This effect gives you the same colors but with a freer, more wild and “stripy” look.


The pillow beads below are dainty little rectangular shaped beads and take on an especially funky character when mottled with this peacock finish. These are some of our most popular beads for summer bracelets and earrings.


Above in gunmetal and below in metallic copper.


New Custom Coating on Swarovski Rivolis: Starlight!

We have just received our ever popular Swarovski rivolis in a brand new custom finish: Starlight.

This fabulous and unique after-market coating glimmers with ethereal layers of color inspired by twilight. Evening’s deepening silvers, whispers of lavender and traces of sunset gold combine to create a refined and sophisticated finish that looks elegant next to Swarovski crystal pearls and dynamic combined with other custom coatings like Purple Haze or Light Vitrail.

The rivolis available in this custom finish are 12mm, 14mm and 18mm. Rivolis make gorgeous centerpieces and have that gem-like quality of rich, glittering dazzle so try out the Starlight coating and see what magic it can add to your designs!

New Arrivals Announced: Swarovski Custom Coatings

Swarovski Twist Bead with Peacock Eye Custom Coating

I recently did a piece on the latest gorgeous Swarovski Custom Coating: Peacock Eye and just today we received another bead dressed up in those vibrant colors. We now have the 5621 14mm Twist Bead (the one that’s shaped like a potato chip and makes absolutely fabulous earrings and bracelet charms). The cut of Swarovski’s Twist Bead is already brilliant and magical, and adding the Peacock Eye finish amps up the mystery and glamor. When you see it, you will be mesmerized (the photo does not do it justice)!

White Opal Chili Pepper

We have also just received 4mm Custom Coated Bicones in White Opal Brandy, White Opal Chili Pepper and Aquamarine Glacier Blue.

Aquamarine Glacier Blue

They are lovely. I f you have never used them before, try them, you will be surprised how they can transform any jewelry piece into a work of art.

White Opal Brandy

Check our website frequently for updates as we are adding new items every day. And don’t forget to stop by our booth at our next Bead Shows to see these gorgeous beads in person as well as to stock up on our annual holiday kits and designs!

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