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TOHO Beads wholesale to the public

Eureka Crystal Beads an Authorized Swarovski Reseller is also a leading distributor of Czech Glass Beads and TOHO Japanese Seed Beads. We have recently expanded wholesale section on our website. We sell at very low prices directly to the public. If you are interested in larger quantities of TOHO or Swarovski please visit us at and see what we have to offer:


You should also know that all wholesale orders are shipped free of charge within the USA if their value is over $35 .

We frequently offer discount coupons and specials, but they don’t apply to Wholesale/Bulk quantities since prices here are already rock bottom.

Should you be interested in Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls Eureka Crystal Beads has all of them at the lowest prices anywhere.


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Toho Demi – New Japanese Seed Beads

For beaders around the world, the newest Toho seed bead shape, the Demi Round, is a whole new way to elevate your beading game. Using the most cutting edge technology while combining Eastern precision with Western aesthetics, the Demi seed bead is an instant classic shape that will swiftly become foundation for all kinds of jewelry designs. The versatility of this shape is matched only by its unique profile that allows for a denser look in all kinds of stitches. The Demi Round is a thinner version of the traditional round seed bead, but has the same hole size and diameter. The Toho Demi is similar to the very popular Czech Glass O-Bead, it has a large hole and a disc-like shape. It looks like parts of a regular seed bead have been carefully shaved off leaving a pristine rounded surface.

Toho Demi Round seed beads were developed by Toho, a well known Japanese seed bead manufacturer, in collaboration with Starman. The new bead shape is being launched today with great fanfare in the beading world but will only be available for purchase on June 1st, 2016 at

Toho Demi beads are available in two sizes: 8/0 and 11/0 and in a wide selection of colors.


The Demi works flawlessly with all of the popular stitches. Its versatile shape allows artists to create high definition designs with enhanced patterns and layouts.

Pre-order Demi Seed Beads from now and have them shipped on the official launch day – June 1, 2016 . Be the first one to have them!



Official launch day for Demi is June 1st. We are bound by agreements with our suppliers and cannot ship Demi before that date. You may pre-order them with us and we will ship them to you on June 1st. It is very easy. Our systems stores all the information as if you have placed a regular order. We allocate Demi for you and ship later. If you combine pre-ordered Demi and in-stock items in one order, in-stock items will be shipped to you immediately and the balance of your order, pre-ordered Demis will be shipped later!


Also we have in stock TOHO sale going on now. Ends May 22, 2016.

Use code TODE20

for in-stock TOHO only

Below is a color chart for the available colors of Demi Seed Beads. For more information, free patterns and to order this fabulous new style, Demi seed beads, go to .

Demi new Japanese seed beads color chart



For the newest Demi seed beads go to . Be the first one to try these fabulous beads. Free Demi beads patterns are available from Eureka Crystal Beads.


“bead your heart out”

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Glass Beads wholesale to the public now available from Eureka Crystal Beads

We have had a very successful year in 2015. We have imported and distributed more Swarovski Crystal Beads, Czech Glass Beads and Toho Japanese seed beads than in any previous years. many of you have already realized how low our prices are and signed up for a newsletter to get even better deals. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and at the same time let you know that we have launched a new area in our store where you can purchase beads in wholesale quantities at wholesale prices.


This area is called  BULK BEAD DEALS and this bead wholesale is open to the public. We are now offering 3mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones in original Swarovski factory packages. We also offer 3mm Swarovski pearls, 4mm Swarovski pearls, 5mm Swarovski pearls and 6mm Swarovski pearls in factory packs. The most popular Czech Firepolish beads are available at wholesale price in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. Japanese seed beads are available in Toho size 11 and Toho size 15 at bulk quantities and wholesale price.


We will be continuously expanding this area so please check with us frequently for the best bead deals. Just please keep in mind that coupons and sales don’t work with wholesale items which are marked (Bulk), since the price is already rock bottom. You will still get free shipping for all orders $35+.

We will be moving “Bulk Bead Deals” button to the top navigational banner soon, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it in the center of the home page page, under a main banner. The deals will still be there!


Why it makes sense to keep a stash of Crystal Chatons in your house………….

Crystal Chatons are faceted crystal stones known for their beauty and gem-like properties. Chatons are machine cut and machine polished, a process which is similar to cutting and polishing gems and diamonds. Chatons have a dominant top facet letting you see deep into a stone. They don’t have holes and therefore those in larger sizes are perfect for beaded bezels as seen in a freestyle necklace below, where they nicely complement larger Rivolis.


chaton1 chaton2

Two major and de facto only manufacturers of high quality Crystal Chatons are Swarovski based in Austria and Preciosa based in the Czech Republic. Both Chatons are of exceptional quality, have outstanding light refraction and unparalleled brilliance. The main difference between both brands is in the way they are cut.  Preciosa Chaton has a traditional cut with larger but fewer facets in the front and in the back of a stone. Swarovski Chaton has a Xilion cut which increases the number of reflective surfaces on a stone with alternating small and large facets. Xilion cut is similar to a princess cut in giving a stone enhanced luminous properties.


Chatons are wonderful stones to work with. You may bezel them first individually and sew them later into larger compositions or just hang them on a fishhook for earrings or on necklaces as drops. Design possibilities are never-ending.

chaton3 chaton4

Check our large selection of Swarovski Chatons

Check our large selection of Preciosa Chatons                                                        

New Peanut-Gator Bracelet from Eureka Crystal Beads

We are very pleased to offer to you Adele Kimpell’s Bracelet Kits. Our first kit is called PEANUT-GATOR Bracelet. It comes in three colors: grey, teal and bronze. We also have just instructions available for those of you who would like to put together your own color combination. This amazingly sophisticated and rich bracelet is made of Czech Glass Farfalle Beads (peanut beads) and size 11 TOHO seed beads. You will be amazed how easy it is to make and how fun it is to wear!  Peanut-Gator-Bronze1Peanut-Gator-Grey1


Wearable Art: Seed Bead Jewelry Gallery


There are some magnificent things that can be done with seed beads and we’ve collected some of our favorite images right here so feast your eyes and get inspired!


Owl Totem by bead artist Cece Cormier is an expressive and exuberant mix of colors that brings this beautiful necklace to life.

sharayah's studio

These two beautiful necklaces by the very talented Sharayah Sheldon are works of awe-inspiring beauty.

sharayas studio2

Her use of color and various types of beads such as Czech glass daggers brings her work to life.


This magnificent embroidered cuff by Siri Johansson is another fantastic example of beautiful artistic seed bead work.

dixie gabric

The deeply detailed beadwork of artist Dixie Gabric is also one of our favorites. Works of such elaborate beauty are sometimes hard to fathom.

caroline fung

Jewelry artist Caroline Fung from Australia works  in a more whimsical style that feels very story-book like.


Russian beadwork artist Elena Hmelevskaya, has a very varied style but her work is always gorgeous and elegant like this fabulous necklace above. 

Natalia Bessonova

Another very talented Russian artist, Natalia Bessonova, is fond of animal designs such as the eagles above and unique horse necklace below.

Natalia Bessonova2

There are so many beautiful artistic jewelry pieces out there that are so inspirational. Try your hand with our Japanese seed beads or Czech seed beads.

New Toho Japanese Seed Beads

Adding to our wide selection of wholesale Austrian crystal and Czech glass beads, we are proud to now be carrying the finest quality of Japanese seed beads, also available at wholesale prices to the public.

bluegreenmetallic toho japanese seed beads eureka crystal beading diy jewelry

TOHO means “Eastern Treasure” in Japanese and you will find that these beautiful little beads are worth treasuring.


TOHO seed beads are one of the most popular seed beads used in beading and jewelry making. Their uniformity of size and shape makes them a perfect fit for almost any project. TOHO beads are glass beads that are machine manufactured in Japan.

toho japanese seed beads glass crystal jewelry beading diy projects

TOHO seed beads have a larger hole than those found in most beads of similar size, this larger hole allows for multiple-pass stringing, and more creative options in your bead work. This also makes Toho beads lighter by weight than other brands so you get more beads per gram!

grape metallic toho seed beadsmetallic pandora toho seed beads

Check out our selection of colors regularly as we are constantly adding new colors and finishes.

pine green opaque toho seed beads eureka crystalmetallic dragonfly toho seed beads

Verdant greens, vibrant blues available for all your creative needs.

iris blue matte frosted toho seed beads

Bright firey tones add drama to any design.

saffron toho seed beadsterracotta toho seed beads