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Part 2: Seed Beads!

Next time you peruse your beads, think about the specific beads in your collection that truly stand out to you…the ones that make you just a little extra happy when you look at them. What about those beads makes you love them just a little bit more? I’m willing to bet it’s not so much the bead – but the FINISH! The same simple bead can be utterly transformed with various finishes currently available on the market. Today, in part 2 of our new blog mini-series, we’ll review seed beads and just SOME of the amazing finishes that can be found coating them!

Here at Eureka Crystal Beads, we carry a huge selection of seed beads! On our website we offer a variety of Toho and Miyuki Japanese seed beads in various sizes that feature these lovely finishes. Below, in part 2 of our 3-part blog mini-series on finishes, I’ll review the many standard finishes you can expect to find on these teeny tiny bits of glass! Note: Some finishes below can be found combined on the same bead! (e.g. Matte AND Rainbow!)

Opaque An opaque seed bead is one that is solid color throughout and that doesn’t let light pass through.
Transparent A clear bead with or without color that allows all light to pass though.



AB stands for Aurora Borealis, and whether a seed bead finish is “AB,” “Rainbow,” or “Iris,” they all have one aspect in common: an oil-slick rainbow effect that tends to pick up on whatever else it’s near and can become more or less intense depending on the color underneath it.
Luster This finish provides a white shine to the outside of the seedbead
Ceylon Ceylon seed beads are often pastel in nature due to the finish that provides a white luster that has a pearlescent quality as well, unlike a regular luster. Just be warned: sometimes the colors may fade a bit if exposed to lots of sun.
Galvanized Similar to Ceylon above, galvanized finished CAN rub off over time so it’s best to use them on area of your beadwork that will rub less against the skin. Provided proper care is taken, Galvanized seed beads have a beautiful METALLIC look.


Protective coatings developed by Muyuki & Toho to help give a longer lasting life to the Galvanized finish. Galvanized seed beads will be less prone to losing their coating with wear – though it’s not fail-proof.


This finish pertains to the inside hole of the seed bead being brightly lined with metallic silver that shows through the transparent or translucent glass.


One thing Matte and Frosted have in common is a lack of shiny reflective surface. Frosted seed beads are a more subtle version of a matte seed bead – similar to the look of sea glass, while matte is much more flat.

This finish can also be applied on top of a seed bead that already has an AB, Rainbow, Iris finish providing a seed bead with lots of iridescent depth!

Luminous This finish is a bright INTENSE neon color applied to the inside hole of a seed bead that’s otherwise transparent.
Plated Seed beads can be plated with various precious metals such as 24k gold, Sterling Silver, or Palladium. Similar to a Galvanized coating, this CAN rub off with wear, but it is more durable than a regular galvanized finish. These beads are also susceptible to some tarnishing due to the precious metal nature of the plating.
Magic Similar to the Luminous finish, this is also a finish applied to the inner hole of a transparent seed bead. This finish, however, reminiscent of Dichroic glass in how it shimmers with color and hints of metallic.
Silk/Satin These seed beads tend to be slightly faceted and light to deep pastel in nature. Similar to Mica, the finish is slightly reflective and translucent. Just be careful – they tend to have sharper edges than many other seed beads!
Color Lined Similar other lined seed beads with an effect lining the inner hole, these transparent seed beads feature a bright colored lining adding a lovely effect through the glass!



Dancing Duo Bracelets

Hi Everyone! We’ve been promising you this tutorial and here it is! These bracelets are easy to make and fun to wear. The bracelets featured here consist of Super Duos but you can use any Czech glass bead or bead of your choice. Keep in mind that some beads are more difficult to work with. However, you will be extremely pleased with the end result! Happy Beading!


Supplies needed: 11° SB (seed bead)

SD(super duo)

6 lb Fireline size

size 11 or 12 beading needle

*check Super Duos to make sure both holes are open before beginning*

  1. To help learn the stitch; at the beginning of each row, I pull out 3 sead beads and 3 Super Duos. Once all 3 SB and 3 SD are used, you will know it’s the end of your row. The first two rows are difficult but after that it gets much easier. Hang in there!


2. Begin by stringing a stop bead leaving an 8″ tail. Then string an 11° SB, SD, 11° SB, SD, 11° SB, SD. Slide down to the stop bead.


3. Beginning row 2: Go through the empty hole of the SD that is closest to your needle.


4a. Pick up a SB and SD and pass through the next SB of row 1. Pull to tighten.


4b. Pass through the empty hole of the next SD and pull thread to tighten. I usually anchor row 1 beads by pressing against the mat with my finger while I pull to keep in proper order. This is the most difficult part of the whole bracelet; making sure your beads are in the right order. If your beads come off the mat, it’s easy to lose your place.


5. Pick up a new SB and SD


and go into the next set of beads in row 1. Starting with a seed bead


And continuing through the empty hole of the next SD.


6. Pick-up another SB and SD


and go through the SB next to the stop bead (silver bead at the end).


Row 2 is complete. This is what row 1 and 2 look like. The hardest part is over. Good Job!


7. You are starting the 3rd row. You will repeat row 3 for the duration of the bracelet.      Go through the empty hole of the last SD used. Set out 3 SB and 3 SD.

At the beginning of the row go through the empty hole of the SD of the previous row.



7b. Pick up a SB and SD,  go through the next SB and SD of the previous row.DSC00078

7c. Pick-up a SB and SD. Go through the next SB and the empty hole of the next SD in the previous row.


7d. Pick-up SB and SD. Go through the last SB of the previous row. Pull to tighten. Row 3 is complete. Repeat this row until you achieve the desired length of the bracelet. Allow room for the clasp.


10. Repeat row 3! Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! It get’s easier with each row. The hard part is over! The results are well worth it!


In the beginning try Super Duos or Two hole lentils. You will be happy with the results. You can change the width of the row by adding an extra set beads in row 1. Please let us know if you have any feedback. Kits will be available soon. Send us pictures of your bracelet or submit your finished work to be featured on our website.


Meet Michelle – new jewelry designer at Eureka Crystal Beads

Hello Beaders!


I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Michelle Whitman and I am the new Head Designer at Eureka Crystal Beads. I’ve been working in the Jewelry Industry for over 30 years making product for Nationally known large boutique store chains. I guess you could say that I have a real passion for the craft of jewelry making. But my love affair for Toho, Czech glass and Swarovski Crystal started when I was pregnant and my doctor took me out of work because I was having difficulties. Naturally I gravitated to the local bead store to keep myself occupied. There I started attending the classes and developed skills and techniques that I’ll be sharing with you in future blogs and posts. Today I see so many new options for beading creations like Ava Beads, 3-hole Cali Beads and Tinos par Puca Czech Glass Beads. So stay tuned and be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll have a great time creating treasure for ourselves and our loved ones.

You will  “bead your heart out”!

Beads on the move – Eureka Crystal Beads has a new home

After many months of search for a perfect place Eureka Crystal Beads has finally moved to a new home. Our new address is: 1005 Main Street suite 112, Pawtucket, RI 02865. We are located now in the Hope Artiste Village. Hope Artiste Village is one of the largest mill restoration projects in Rhode Island. It is a hub of cultural activity. The Village hosts a mix of art studios, lofts, retail shops, light industrial workshops, high tech and internet companies and professional office suites. It boasts cafes, a coffee roaster, a live music venue, fitness studios, designers, artisans, event spaces and a bustling wintertime farmer’s market.

Moving our large inventory and setting up a new place, while we continue shipping your bead orders, is quite a challenge but don’t worry, your bead shipments continue going out in a timely manner.

To celebrate our move, which is directly related to Eureka Crystal Beads unprecedented growth, we have put our Czech Glass Beads and Toho Japanese Seed Beads on sale. It is a limited time sale so if you have not taken advantage of it yet please go to our website now otherwise you may miss it.

We move, you save!

Buy now and take some load off our hands. It is a win-win! You cannot even imagine how heavy these Czech Glass Beads and Japanese Seed Beads are.


moving out



moving in

You are welcome to visit when we set up Eureka Crystal Beads showroom. Hope Artiste Village is a cool place. We have a coffee roaster with a coffee shop right next door and a restaurant and a pub down the hallway.

Your response to the moving sale has been phenomenal. Some of the items are already out of stock and will be restocked with a slight delay. Please enter your e-mail in the “notify me” field to be the first one to know that the item is back in stock.

Japanese Delicas and Tulip needles will soon be added to our offering.

Thank you for your support.

Your dedicated Eureka Crystal Beads team.

TOHO Beads wholesale to the public

Eureka Crystal Beads an Authorized Swarovski Reseller is also a leading distributor of Czech Glass Beads and TOHO Japanese Seed Beads. We have recently expanded wholesale section on our website. We sell at very low prices directly to the public. If you are interested in larger quantities of TOHO or Swarovski please visit us at and see what we have to offer:


You should also know that all wholesale orders are shipped free of charge within the USA if their value is over $35 .

We frequently offer discount coupons and specials, but they don’t apply to Wholesale/Bulk quantities since prices here are already rock bottom.

Should you be interested in Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls Eureka Crystal Beads has all of them at the lowest prices anywhere.


We deliver value!



Toho Demi – New Japanese Seed Beads

For beaders around the world, the newest Toho seed bead shape, the Demi Round, is a whole new way to elevate your beading game. Using the most cutting edge technology while combining Eastern precision with Western aesthetics, the Demi seed bead is an instant classic shape that will swiftly become foundation for all kinds of jewelry designs. The versatility of this shape is matched only by its unique profile that allows for a denser look in all kinds of stitches. The Demi Round is a thinner version of the traditional round seed bead, but has the same hole size and diameter. The Toho Demi is similar to the very popular Czech Glass O-Bead, it has a large hole and a disc-like shape. It looks like parts of a regular seed bead have been carefully shaved off leaving a pristine rounded surface.

Toho Demi Round seed beads were developed by Toho, a well known Japanese seed bead manufacturer, in collaboration with Starman. The new bead shape is being launched today with great fanfare in the beading world but will only be available for purchase on June 1st, 2016 at

Toho Demi beads are available in two sizes: 8/0 and 11/0 and in a wide selection of colors.


The Demi works flawlessly with all of the popular stitches. Its versatile shape allows artists to create high definition designs with enhanced patterns and layouts.

Pre-order Demi Seed Beads from now and have them shipped on the official launch day – June 1, 2016 . Be the first one to have them!



Official launch day for Demi is June 1st. We are bound by agreements with our suppliers and cannot ship Demi before that date. You may pre-order them with us and we will ship them to you on June 1st. It is very easy. Our systems stores all the information as if you have placed a regular order. We allocate Demi for you and ship later. If you combine pre-ordered Demi and in-stock items in one order, in-stock items will be shipped to you immediately and the balance of your order, pre-ordered Demis will be shipped later!


Also we have in stock TOHO sale going on now. Ends May 22, 2016.

Use code TODE20

for in-stock TOHO only

Below is a color chart for the available colors of Demi Seed Beads. For more information, free patterns and to order this fabulous new style, Demi seed beads, go to .

Demi new Japanese seed beads color chart



For the newest Demi seed beads go to . Be the first one to try these fabulous beads. Free Demi beads patterns are available from Eureka Crystal Beads.


“bead your heart out”

Eureka Crystal Beads



Glass Beads wholesale to the public now available from Eureka Crystal Beads

We have had a very successful year in 2015. We have imported and distributed more Swarovski Crystal Beads, Czech Glass Beads and Toho Japanese seed beads than in any previous years. many of you have already realized how low our prices are and signed up for a newsletter to get even better deals. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and at the same time let you know that we have launched a new area in our store where you can purchase beads in wholesale quantities at wholesale prices.


This area is called  BULK BEAD DEALS and this bead wholesale is open to the public. We are now offering 3mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones in original Swarovski factory packages. We also offer 3mm Swarovski pearls, 4mm Swarovski pearls, 5mm Swarovski pearls and 6mm Swarovski pearls in factory packs. The most popular Czech Firepolish beads are available at wholesale price in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. Japanese seed beads are available in Toho size 11 and Toho size 15 at bulk quantities and wholesale price.


We will be continuously expanding this area so please check with us frequently for the best bead deals. Just please keep in mind that coupons and sales don’t work with wholesale items which are marked (Bulk), since the price is already rock bottom. You will still get free shipping for all orders $35+.

We will be moving “Bulk Bead Deals” button to the top navigational banner soon, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it in the center of the home page page, under a main banner. The deals will still be there!


Why it makes sense to keep a stash of Crystal Chatons in your house………….

Crystal Chatons are faceted crystal stones known for their beauty and gem-like properties. Chatons are machine cut and machine polished, a process which is similar to cutting and polishing gems and diamonds. Chatons have a dominant top facet letting you see deep into a stone. They don’t have holes and therefore those in larger sizes are perfect for beaded bezels as seen in a freestyle necklace below, where they nicely complement larger Rivolis.


chaton1 chaton2

Two major and de facto only manufacturers of high quality Crystal Chatons are Swarovski based in Austria and Preciosa based in the Czech Republic. Both Chatons are of exceptional quality, have outstanding light refraction and unparalleled brilliance. The main difference between both brands is in the way they are cut.  Preciosa Chaton has a traditional cut with larger but fewer facets in the front and in the back of a stone. Swarovski Chaton has a Xilion cut which increases the number of reflective surfaces on a stone with alternating small and large facets. Xilion cut is similar to a princess cut in giving a stone enhanced luminous properties.


Chatons are wonderful stones to work with. You may bezel them first individually and sew them later into larger compositions or just hang them on a fishhook for earrings or on necklaces as drops. Design possibilities are never-ending.

chaton3 chaton4

Check our large selection of Swarovski Chatons

Check our large selection of Preciosa Chatons                                                        

New Peanut-Gator Bracelet from Eureka Crystal Beads

We are very pleased to offer to you Adele Kimpell’s Bracelet Kits. Our first kit is called PEANUT-GATOR Bracelet. It comes in three colors: grey, teal and bronze. We also have just instructions available for those of you who would like to put together your own color combination. This amazingly sophisticated and rich bracelet is made of Czech Glass Farfalle Beads (peanut beads) and size 11 TOHO seed beads. You will be amazed how easy it is to make and how fun it is to wear!  Peanut-Gator-Bronze1Peanut-Gator-Grey1


Wearable Art: Seed Bead Jewelry Gallery


There are some magnificent things that can be done with seed beads and we’ve collected some of our favorite images right here so feast your eyes and get inspired!


Owl Totem by bead artist Cece Cormier is an expressive and exuberant mix of colors that brings this beautiful necklace to life.

sharayah's studio

These two beautiful necklaces by the very talented Sharayah Sheldon are works of awe-inspiring beauty.

sharayas studio2

Her use of color and various types of beads such as Czech glass daggers brings her work to life.


This magnificent embroidered cuff by Siri Johansson is another fantastic example of beautiful artistic seed bead work.

dixie gabric

The deeply detailed beadwork of artist Dixie Gabric is also one of our favorites. Works of such elaborate beauty are sometimes hard to fathom.

caroline fung

Jewelry artist Caroline Fung from Australia works  in a more whimsical style that feels very story-book like.


Russian beadwork artist Elena Hmelevskaya, has a very varied style but her work is always gorgeous and elegant like this fabulous necklace above. 

Natalia Bessonova

Another very talented Russian artist, Natalia Bessonova, is fond of animal designs such as the eagles above and unique horse necklace below.

Natalia Bessonova2

There are so many beautiful artistic jewelry pieces out there that are so inspirational. Try your hand with our Japanese seed beads or Czech seed beads.