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Swarovski Crystal and Pantone Top Color Trends: Fall 2017

If you’re looking for unique jewelry that will make your fall fashion stand out, You’ve come to the right place. Every season Pantone creates invigorating and refreshing color palettes for men and women alike. The Autumn months are quickly approaching; the weather is changing and new Fall trends and favorites begin to appear. We have started to create jewelry projects reflecting this palette, that I’m sure will inspire and rejuvenate.

pantone-color-swatches-palette-fashion-color-report-fall-2017-new-york (640x369)

Basics are back! However, don’t be afraid to experiment with a statement piece paired with a bold color. Warm and inviting colors such as Tawny Port, Butter Rum and Autumn Maple, exude a sense of comfort and peace. Stand out colors like Grenadine and Marina, add a little bit of drama and excitement. Following the lead of the world’s leading color experts, Here’s  a guide on how to match the latest Swarovski crystal colors with Pantone’s Fall 2017 color forecast.

Pantone Color: Grenadine

Swarovski match: Hyacinth

Described as an “attention getter”; this dynamic shade of red screams strength and self confidence.

Pantone Color: Tawny Port

Swarovski match: Siam

Tawny Port is a sophisticated darker shade of red that radiates elegance and charm.

Pantone Color: Ballet Slipper

Swarovski match: Vintage Rose

Soft and delicate, this classic color remains a favorite for fashion and jewelry designers alike.

Pantone Color: Butterum

Swarovski match: Light Smoked Topaz

Similar to shades of pink, nude and brown colors will always remain a fashion favorite.

Pantone Color: Navy Peony

Swarovski match: Dark Indigo

Unapologetically vibrant, Navy Peony is both classic and playful.

Pantone Color: Neutral Gray

Swarovski match: Greige

Always flattering and easily worn, Neutral Gray will always be a fall friendly trend.

Pantone Color: Shaded Spruce

Swarovski match: Emerald

Forge forward into fall with Shaded Spruce. Rich and lush, this velvety green is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Pantone Color: Golden Lime

Swarovski match: Olivine

Calming yet cheerful, this soothing shade combines an earthy green with a hint of yellow.

Pantone Color: Marina

Swarovski match: Capri Blue

A highly anticipated shade this fall, Marina is whimsical and bright. Certain to illuminate and intensify.

Pantone Color: Autumn Maple

Swarovski match: Topaz

Autumn Maple is the quintessential fall color. Both expressive and opulent.


Indulge in the Fashion of Fall. Utilize this guide and match your Swarovski crystal colors to the latest fashion color trends forecasted by Pantone. Stay tuned! Shop to easily find matching Swarovski Crystals.




Meet Michelle – new jewelry designer at Eureka Crystal Beads

Hello Beaders!


I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Michelle Whitman and I am the new Head Designer at Eureka Crystal Beads. I’ve been working in the Jewelry Industry for over 30 years making product for Nationally known large boutique store chains. I guess you could say that I have a real passion for the craft of jewelry making. But my love affair for Toho, Czech glass and Swarovski Crystal started when I was pregnant and my doctor took me out of work because I was having difficulties. Naturally I gravitated to the local bead store to keep myself occupied. There I started attending the classes and developed skills and techniques that I’ll be sharing with you in future blogs and posts. Today I see so many new options for beading creations like Ava Beads, 3-hole Cali Beads and Tinos par Puca Czech Glass Beads. So stay tuned and be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll have a great time creating treasure for ourselves and our loved ones.

You will  “bead your heart out”!

$250 beading shopping spree – win and shop any beads you desire

Enter between now and April 9th and win Eureka Crystal Beads’ $250 Beading Spree.


Enter now! 


To celebrate another milestone in our internet growth we are giving away a $250 shopping spree to use on our website. Imagine what you could buy with that money: a large assortment of Swarovski Crystal including custom coatings, Czech glass beads in shapes, sizes and colors you will not find anywhere else, Toho seed beads, stringing materials and findings, including popular magnetic clasps and more!


To enter, just register on our site! You must create an account to be eligible for the drawing. If you are receiving our e-newsletters it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an account with us (you could just be on a mailing list) so please be sure that you are registered so you don’t miss this amazing opportunity! If you are an existing customer with an account you will be automatically entered.


You can double your odds of winning by liking us on Facebook. Each registered account will get a second entry for a Facebook like and a third entry for sharing this giveaway with your friends from our website.


The winner will be drawn during the BeadFest Spring Show on Sunday April 10th.

showsAn e-mail will be sent to all participants on Monday April 11th, announcing the lucky winner.

For more information see drawing rules below:

The drawing winner will be issued a $250 store credit to shop on our website. To redeem this credit, the winner must place just one order and use the credit in its entirety. Any outstanding balance will be forfeited.

Winning a prize constitutes permission for Eureka Crystal Beads to use prize winners’ name and state/country for informational purposes for this Beading Spree only.

This giveaway will expire on May 11th (valid for 30 days from the date the winner is announced)

Coupons and other promotional codes cannot be used with this promotion.

Purchase is not required to participate, limit one per person.

No products excluded from purchase with this promotion.

It is an internet promotion and you don’t have to be at the show to win.

Enter now to win!Enter now to win!   IT IS AS EASY AS 123!

We value your privacy and our website is bulletproof secure.

authorized Protected by AUTHORIZE.NET


Czech Firepolish Beads are here to stay, buy them on sale now!

It seems that in the past year or so the entire focus of the beading industry has been on 2-hole beads and 4-hole beads. There is no question that this, relatively new, development of adding additional holes to the glass beads has revolutionized beading and hooked us even more on a hobby which we already liked, but it doesn’t mean that traditional one-hole beads are going away any time soon. As a matter of fact Eureka Crystal Beads now stocks and sells more Firepolish beads than ever before.


We now have over 500 uniquely beautiful colors and finishes in sizes ranging from 2 mm Firepolish beads to 8 mm Firepolish beads. We have so much of them that we decided to reward our fellow beaders with the year’s end firepolish beads sale.


This sale has just started, is limited to only 2 days and, depending on which Firepolish beads you are buying, you can save 25% and in some cases way over 30%. So go to Eureka Crystal Beads website now and stock up on your favorite colors.

Please sign up for Eureka’s newsletter at the footer of our website and you don’t miss future sales, new free patterns, free gifts and beading news.

Introducing Meg……

Hi everyone!   I wanted to introduce myself to you.  My name is Meg and I am going to be your friendly and sometimes funny blogger on the Eureka Crystal Beads Blog. Eureka Crystal Beads, graciously handed over the torch to the blog to me. Me!!! I still can’t wrap my head around it. I mean come on, it’s not every day that a company that you love wants you to help write their blog.  Obviously,they think I know what I am talking about.  And, I stress “think I know”.  I just really hope I can live up to it.

And by the way, check their website and you’ll know right away what I mean. It is all about quality, friendly service and love of beads and beading!

Now, I don’t want to bore you with a long list of everything that I have done that makes me an appropriate choice to give you bead advice and information.  I mean who wants to listen to that.  I certainly don’t.  Boooooring!!! So, I am going to give you a very small look into my world.  Here it goes…

I jumped with both feet into the beading world over 10 years ago.  It definitely wasn’t one foot in to test the water.  I don’t know about you but, when I like something I tend to learn everything I can about it.  And, beading wasn’t any different. I started to bead to keep myself busy.  I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2002.  Beading helped change my life.  Gave me a purpose.  I started doing my own designs and started teaching after meeting a friend who owned her own store. This same friend introduced me to others in the industry and that is how I met Bonita and Walter and the rest of Eureka’s team. And,as you know,  I am now writing a blog.


In ending my first post, I just wanted to  give you some insight on where the blog is going to go.  We are going to be doing free projects (see the most recent Dragon’s Back Bracelet), tips and techniques on beading, fashion and color advice that relates to beading, and anything else that you as readers would like to know. Please let us know if you have any ideas on posts for the blog.  Go to our Facebook page(Eureka Crystal Beads) and leave a post.  I really would love all the help that I can get! Until next time….have a bead filled day!

New website, new beads and stones and much, much more….

We have been working very hard at Eureka Crystal Beads and we are very thankful that many of you have noticed big changes on our website. Our new, improved website has been launched two weeks ago. It features modern drop down navigation, state of the art search engine , ultimate in shopping security and fashion forward layout. We have a new logo and a slogan “bead your heart out” which is a reflection of our passion for beading. So if you are an existing customer please come, reset your password; if you are a new customer please create an account and start enjoying the most unique and beautiful jewelry components.


We have also added new shapes and finishes in both Swarovski Crystal and Czech Glass. See our brand new line of after market finishes on 14 mm Swarovski Rivolis.

See two examples below…you have to love them!


14 mm Swarovski Rivoli in Aquamarine Electra 1


14 mm Swarovski Rivoli in Rose Peach Volcano

While shopping for Rivolis don’t forget to check our extensive line of Rivoli findings, among them just restocked, designed and made in Europe Designer Leverback.


If you are wondering what the trend is for jewelry, you are not the only one who cannot figure it out. Almost everything is popular; bright colors, toned down colors, green, black and white. Large pearls are popular. Big statement necklaces and beaded bracelets lead the way. Take a look at some of the examples below.


Eureka Crystal Beads Show and Expo Schedule

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Bead shows are the best ways to come see our beads in person, get some great ideas and ask any questions you may have.

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Coming to a bead show is also the best way to be the first to see new items that aren’t online yet or some unusual and limited quantity beads that we only bring to the shows.

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Chunky pressed glass beads many which are only available at the bead show.

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Beads on markdown and discount draw a lot of attention and are a great way to stock up and get fantastic deals!

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

We love seeing the kinds of beautiful jewelry projects that our customers make using our beads.

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Beautiful leather cord wrap bracelet at the Cromwell Innovative Beads Expo.

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Summery turquoise is always great style.

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

From bracelets to necklaces and more, it’s a great way to pass along ideas and get inspired! So make your way to our next bead show on Mother’s Day weekend in Marlborough MA or any of the other upcoming shows in your area:

May 9 – 10AM to 5PM 
May 10 – 10AM to 5PM
May 11 – 10AM to 4PM 

Marlborough, MA

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

July 12 – 10AM to 5PM 
July 13 – 11AM to 4PM 

Edison, NJ 

July 19 – 10AM to 5PM 
July 20 – 11AM to 4PM 

Clarksville, MD

Saturday, July 26 – 10AM to 5PM 
Sunday, July 27 – 11AM to 4PM 

Fishkill, NY 

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Saturday, August 2 – 10AM to 5PM 
Sunday, August 3 – 11AM to 4PM 

Concord, NH 

Bead Fest Philadelphia Booth #219-221
Friday, August 22, 2014 – 10:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday, August 23, 2014 – 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday, August 24, 2014 – 10:00am to 5:00pm
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, PA

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo


Friday, September 19 – 10AM to 5PM 
Saturday, September 20 – 10AM to 5PM
Sunday, September 21 – 10AM to 4PM 

Marlborough, MA 

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Saturday, October 11 – 10AM to 5PM 
Sunday, October 12 – 11AM to 4PM 

Edison, NJ 

Saturday, October 18 – 10AM to 5PM 
Sunday, October 19 – 11AM to 4PM 

Clarksville, MD 

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Saturday, November 1 – 10AM to 5PM 
Sunday, November 2 – 11AM to 4PM 

Fishkill, NY

Friday, November 7 – 10AM to 5PM 
Saturday, November 8 – 10AM to 5PM
Sunday, November 9 – 10AM to 4PM 

Marlborough, MA 

Saturday, November 15 – 10AM to 5PM 
Sunday, November 16 – 11AM to 4PM 

Secaucus, NJ

eureka crystal beads bead show wholesale innovative expo

Don’t miss out and check out our tips for getting the most out of your bead show experience here and read more about what to expect at a bead show here.

Happy hunting!

Shop Eureka on Small Business Saturday

black friday

Today is Black Friday and everyone is getting their great deals at the mall but did you know that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday?


Small businesses are vital for the economy and helped scores of people build lives for themselves in America. Some day owning your own business is the quintessential American dream.


At Eureka we strive to maintain the personal touch that is the hallmark of small businesses while continually growing our inventory to provide beautiful, new and unique components of the very highest quality from all parts of the world.


We also work hard to keep you up to date about trends and styles within the jewelry and fashion world so your jewelry is always inspired by what is on trend, fresh and stylish.


Our tutorial page is chock full of fun and fantastic projects that will keep you busy making some of the most beautiful jewelry.

starburst rivoli frame earrings


Finally, at Eureka you always get a discount. There are no flash sales, seasonal price slashing or secret coupon codes. You always know the discount you are going to get: 7% off of purchases over $60, 15% over $120, and 20% over $350.


We believe prices should be fair and discounts should be liberal and that’s why we have them all year-long.

Thanks for your support!


Bonita and Walter of Eureka Crystal Beads

The Latest from the Czech Republic


Here at Eureka, we are constantly scouring the small, family-run glass bead manufacturers of Bohemia in the Czech Republic for the most unique and most beautiful colors, shapes and finishes of Czech glass beads.


Beautiful Czech Republic

Our recent trip was no exception! Walter and Bonita met with company representatives at several small factories and poured over samples searching for the next big thing.

walter eureka crystal beads czech republic glass

Our partners in the Czech Republic know that we specialize in uncommon finishes, special coatings and only the most beautiful, rare and unusual colors so they pulled out all the stops for us when we came to see the beautiful things that they have been working on.

czech glass beads eureka crystal pastel spring

We are very excited about the things we’ve seen and can’t wait to be able to present our latest finds. Keep an eye out for beautiful new Czech firepolish as well as pressed glass beads that we will be adding to our inventory shortly.

Bonita at the border of the Czech Republic

Bonita at the border of the Czech Republic

Bonita was especially excited over the beautiful new metallic finishes available as the worldwide jewelry trends continue to favor yellow golds and bright silvers as well as mixing of different metallic finishes.


Another trend that stood out was the complete lack of neons. While the bright neon trend is still going in the US is looks like the next wave of color preferences coming out of Europe will be more subdued and more classic jewel tones.

We’re also excited about the many new bead shapes that we will be adding to our inventory shortly and will announce those beads as we launch them.

Bonita will only reveal that we should be on the lookout for amazing new kinds of table cuts.

Stay tuned to see all the beautiful new items that will be coming from this trip!

Major Announcement: New Logo and New Website!

Since 2004, we at Eureka Crystal Beads, a Rhode Island based company, have been committed to providing customers with not only the highest quality beading supplies, but the best customer experience available. We have worked hard to provide an exceptional shopping experience from our easy to search website design to our no nonsense and completely secure ordering to exhibiting in person at bead expos throughout the country. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry, constantly searching out the most unique and interesting products, techniques, methods and designers. We are a  CREATE YOUR STYLE partner with Swarovski,  participate in the Swarovski annual event in Tucson,  and we work closely with an elite group of designers called  Swarovski  Ambassadors.  Our customers come from all over the world and represent  all levels of beaders,  from hobbyists to world class professionals.

We strongly believe that beading is an art and a craft and as such it is a hands-on experience so we continue to do upwards of 30 bead shows per year to get the chance to speak with customers in person, introduce the latest arrivals and get feedback about our products. Nothing compares to having the opportunity to see and feel our beads, discover new favorites or have the chance to pick up a limited edition color or shape that won’t make it to our online store because we have some in such small quantities. It is in this collaborative spirit that we work with many different designers to create our exclusive make it yourself kits, devise new and interesting workshops and promote interaction and exchange between designers, beading enthusiasts, bead manufacturers and vendors.

These past several years have flown by, and we are excited about recommitting to those goals we set ourselves at the very outset. Our new logo, a crown, is an expression of these ideals and returns us to the heart of what drove us to found this business in the first place. The inspiration for our company name comes from the ancient story of Archimedes. When asked to determine if the king’s new crown was indeed pure gold, Archimedes discovered that by submerging an irregular shaped object in water, one could determine its volume and then calculate its density. So excited by this insight, he is said to have leaped out of his bathtub and run down the streets of Syracuse, shouting “Eureka!” – a Greek word meaning “I’ve found it!.” This flash of insight, this moment of discovery, this was the driving force behind Eureka Crystal Beads, our goal to elicit those kinds of reactions from beaders and designers as they discover the perfect color or shape or become inspired by our products to create amazing wearable artwork. We invite you to explore our new website or join us at a bead expo near you and take part in this marvelous process of discovery!