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When does (bead) size really matter??

Hello Ladies (and Gents!),

So – when DOES (bead) size really matter?? All the time, of course! The size of our jewelry making materials (whether it be beads, wire, findings, etc.) can make all the difference in the world as we design and create our jewelry. Things like millimeters, SS (Stone Size), Gauges, inches, (and more!) all become important in the jewelry world because not only do we want to successfully create beautiful looking jewelry, but we want it to be wearable as well! Do you find all of these measurements confusing? (When are they used? When do they become important? How are they determined?) We, here at Eureka Crystal Beads, want to help make the language easier to understand so – please, read on!


  • Millimeter: Many different types of beads are marked/sold by their millimeter size. Beads like Swarovski CrystalsSwarovski pearls, and gemstones are measured by their millimeter size – abbreviated as “mm.” The hole of the bead has a mm size as well – which can be important to know depending on what you’re planning no stringing through it. A Millimeter is 1/10th of a Centimeter – which is the opposite side of the ruler as the Inch. A good way to visualize a few different millimeter sizes is as follows: An almost near sharpened pencil tip is about 1mm, a new Crayon tip is about 2mm, and a pencil eraser is about 5mm!



  • SS (Stone Size): This is often a measurement used in reference to Rhinestones: Preciosa Crystal Chatons, for example, are listed on our website by both Millimeter size as well as Stone Size. Our 8mm Chatons are also considered an “SS39.” With Stone Size, the higher the SS number, the bigger the Millimeter – and therefore the larger the item.


  • Gauge: This is a measurement specific to wire diameter. Gauge is determined by the amount of electric current a wire can safely carry, as well as its electrical resistance and weight. For us jewelry designers, simply put, it’s how thick the wire is that you’re working with! Precious Metal Wire Stock or craft wire, jump rings, headpins, and eyepins all utilize a gauge measurement. With the Gauge measurement, it’s also important to know that the higher the number gauge measurement, the thinner your wire becomes. (i.e. 26 gauge wire is thinner than 22 gauge wire.)
  • Inches: Inches are important with regard to the length of the jewelry you’re making. Sounds simple, right? Well, what if I told you that you could make 2 bracelets, each 7.5 inches long, and both could fit the same wrist totally differently? Sounds impossible? Nope! This can absolutely be a reality when you take into account the size of the beads you’re stringing! The 7.5 inch bracelet that uses BIGGER beads is going to fit tighter on the wrist than the one made with smaller beads. This is because the hole running through the center of the bigger beads (where you’re stringing wire is going through) is being held further out from your wrist because of the diameter of the bead. So, if your stringing with larger beads you have to take this into account and string a longer bracelet than what might typically be needed for a particular sized wrist if you were using smaller beads. (Still with me? Good!)

Getting to know the in’s and out’s of the “science” behind designing your jewelry will only help you to create amazing designs with regard to wearability and aesthetic beauty!!

Consider checking out our Beading Resource Guide for some additional helpful bits of information!!

Hoping you found this helpful! Until Next time…



Spring is Coming… Get Inspired!!

Greetings fellow Bead-Lovers! I’m back with another helpful blog from Eureka Crystal Beads! Am I the only one excited to see Winter exit stage-left? I’m sure my fellow New Englanders would agree – bring on SPRING!! I’m just dying to see the first peeks of the Crocuses and Daffodils herald the arrival of warmer weather. (But not too warm… Don’t get too excited Summer, wait your turn!) What do you think of when you think of Spring? Alongside those early Spring blooms I think of pastel colors, soft and bright! Have you seen Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2019 Innovations yet? In addition to the absolutely electrifying Majestic Blue, Swarovski also released 3 new colors for their lacquered collection:




Crystal Buttercup, Crystal Lilac, and Crystal Lime! With opaque lacquered backs, the light reflects beautifully inside the Rivolis creating a stunning glow! Check out the links above to see our selections in both Rivolis and Chatons!


Looking for something less traditional for Spring? Vogue ItaliaGlamour (and more!) predict that, alongside the very pastels shown above, one of the HOT HOT HOT colors for Spring will be BRIGHT RED!!


Swarovski colors like Light Siam and Scarlet are sure to fit this bill!

And in addition to bright reds, those same sources are also touting “Army Green” as another popular trend for Spring.




Swarovski provides shades like Olivine, Khaki, and Olivine Dorado to keep your jewelry creations trending for Spring!!




What colors are you excited to work with as the weather gets warmer? **Comment below,** we’d love to hear from you!!


Until next time!

Happy Beading! -Leah

Swarovski Innovations Spring-Summer 2018 – New Pearls Iridescent Dark Blue and Iridescent Light Blue

Swarovski has just launched INNOVATIONS for SPRING and SUMMER 2018 featuring new crystal shapes, new crystal lacquer colors (available only in no-hole stones) and two new Iridescent Pearl colors. To complement the Swarovski launch Eureka Crystal Beads offers brand new  Crystal Twilight Coating on Rivolis, Chatons and Bicones. Twilight coating  is a great addition to the “Spell Bound” theme.

The main theme of the launch is “New Perspective”. Here is how Swarovski own designers try to approach the ever-changing world around us:


“At Swarovski we don’t just develop products, we develop products that speak, that have voice, that mean something. Through our innovations we tell our story, share our believes and highlight our desires. This is then the story of our time and this season our story is the need for new perspectives.”

“We live in an age of disruption. One in which technology, gender, borders, and mindsets are all being broken down. The new value revolution has begun, as we seek to redefine ourselves and eradicate the out-modeled structures of the past.”

Here are some of the main themes:

nature and technology intertwines and coexists


old and new, eternal and surreal – escape!


mutiny and street style revolution





New Swarovski Crystal Colors: LacquerPro Azure Blue, Peony Pink, Summer, Mint Green, Light Coral are available only in no-hole stones, Rivolis and Chatons.

New Swarovski Pearl Colors Iridescent Light Blue and Iridescent Dark Blue are available from Eureka Crystal Beads in sizes 3mm to 8mm.

Eureka Crystal Beads offers rock-bottom prices for Swarovski Pearls every day, all the time. No coupons needed. Check our incredible selection of Swarovski Pearls and compare our prices. You will be amazed how much you can save.

To complement Swarovski Launch and its “Spell Bound” theme Eureka Crystal Beads offers our new, exclusive Crystal Twilight Custom Coating. This new color is now available in:

12mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli

14mm Swarovski Crystal Rivoli

8mm Swarovski Crystal Chaton

Try this incredible, limited edition color, available only from Eureka Crystal Beads. See Swarovski Twilight Finish.


Visit Eureka Crystal Beads today for the best prices and the best selection of Swarovski Crystal, Czech Glass Beads and Toho Japanese Seed Beads.

New Swarovski Shapes for 2018:




Swarovski 8 mm Crystal Chatons

Swarovski Crystal Chatons are faceted stones with no holes that are backed with a mirror-like foil coating to create extra dimension and sparkle. Chatons come in a large variety of sizes. Smaller sizes are often used in costume jewelry, they are frequently glued into settings to create a sparkly effect.


Eureka Crystal Beads, an Authorized Swarovski Reseller carries the largest selection of Crystal Chatons in 8mm.

Swarovski Crystal Chatons have a patented Xillion cut, similar to  a princess cut on a diamond.  Chatons are not flat in the back but instead they are pointed and quite deep with the dominant flat crystal face on the front surrounded with symmetrical cuts on the side and the back.

Our color selection in 8mm Swarovski Chatons includes the most unusual hues

8mm Chatons in powder colors are perfect for summer and floral designs

The mirror-like foil applied to the back of the chaton allows it to reflect more light. The most popular chaton size in beading is the 8 mm.

Swarovski opal Chatons, Limited Edition White Opal Sky Blue and Star Shine

Chatons are frequently embellished with seed beads, or after they are set by hand in 4-prong settings, used as raised Rose Montees.

These types of settings have two parallel holes at the base and can be easily incorporated into your beading project. We carry Swarovski Chatons and Czech Preciosa Chatons which are less expensive crystal Chatons and come in a variety of colors with AB finishes.

Both brands are of very good quality. Our latest arrival are the beautiful new opal colors in 8mm Swarovski Chatons. Check out all the fantastic options available on Eureka Crystal Beads website now!