Part 3: Czech Glass!

Next time you peruse your beads, think about the specific beads in your collection that truly stand out to you…the ones that make you just a little extra happy when you look at them. What about those beads makes you love them just a little bit more? I’m willing to bet it’s not so much the bead – but the FINISH! The same simple bead can be utterly transformed with various finishes currently available on the market. Today, in part 3 of our new blog mini-series, we’ll review Czech glass beads and just SOME of the amazing finishes that can be found coating them!

Here at Eureka Crystal Beads, we carry a huge selection of Czech glass! On our website we offer a variety of shapes and sizes in various colors that feature these lovely finishes. Below, in our third and final installment in this mini-series, I’ll review the many standard finishes you can expect to find on these lovely beads! Note: Often, more than one finish can be combined on the same bead!

AB ,


AB stands for Aurora Borealis, and whether a seed bead finish is “AB,” “Rainbow,” or “Iris,” they all have one aspect in common: an oil-slick rainbow effect that tends to pick up on whatever else it’s near and can become more or less intense depending on the color underneath it. This will usually cover one part of the bead.


Bronze These beads are coated with a bronze-gold glaze and baked.


Iris Metal Rainbow-type coating, usually found mainly on opaque beads




Slightly less than a matter surface, a frosted finish may resemble sea glass!


Opal If the glass is an Opal glass, it is generally milky and translucent. If it’s the finish that is Opal, the finish will give a bead a milky/pearly effect.


Opaque An opaque glass bead is one that is solid color throughout and that doesn’t let light pass through.


Luster This finish, which is a transparent glaze, provides a white shine to the outside of the bead.


Marea A gold/orange effect over part of a bead


Matte Matte surface beads lack any shiny surface. (When combined with an AB-type finish, they truly take on a beautiful depth!)


Metallic Coated in a metal-type finish that creates a highly reflective bead surface


Peacock A rainbow metallic finish, often with a blue/green tint


Pearl Opaque Luster coating giving the look of an actual pearl when applied over glass.


Satin – Soft dull or flat sheen A soft and hazy luminescent finish


Transparent A clear bead with or without color that allows all light to pass though.


Vitrail Silver/Iridescent finish on part of a bead, often with a bright orange/pink tint




Part 2: Seed Beads!

Next time you peruse your beads, think about the specific beads in your collection that truly stand out to you…the ones that make you just a little extra happy when you look at them. What about those beads makes you love them just a little bit more? I’m willing to bet it’s not so much the bead – but the FINISH! The same simple bead can be utterly transformed with various finishes currently available on the market. Today, in part 2 of our new blog mini-series, we’ll review seed beads and just SOME of the amazing finishes that can be found coating them!

Here at Eureka Crystal Beads, we carry a huge selection of seed beads! On our website we offer a variety of Toho and Miyuki Japanese seed beads in various sizes that feature these lovely finishes. Below, in part 2 of our 3-part blog mini-series on finishes, I’ll review the many standard finishes you can expect to find on these teeny tiny bits of glass! Note: Some finishes below can be found combined on the same bead! (e.g. Matte AND Rainbow!)

Opaque An opaque seed bead is one that is solid color throughout and that doesn’t let light pass through.
Transparent A clear bead with or without color that allows all light to pass though.



AB stands for Aurora Borealis, and whether a seed bead finish is “AB,” “Rainbow,” or “Iris,” they all have one aspect in common: an oil-slick rainbow effect that tends to pick up on whatever else it’s near and can become more or less intense depending on the color underneath it.
Luster This finish provides a white shine to the outside of the seedbead
Ceylon Ceylon seed beads are often pastel in nature due to the finish that provides a white luster that has a pearlescent quality as well, unlike a regular luster. Just be warned: sometimes the colors may fade a bit if exposed to lots of sun.
Galvanized Similar to Ceylon above, galvanized finished CAN rub off over time so it’s best to use them on area of your beadwork that will rub less against the skin. Provided proper care is taken, Galvanized seed beads have a beautiful METALLIC look.


Protective coatings developed by Muyuki & Toho to help give a longer lasting life to the Galvanized finish. Galvanized seed beads will be less prone to losing their coating with wear – though it’s not fail-proof.


This finish pertains to the inside hole of the seed bead being brightly lined with metallic silver that shows through the transparent or translucent glass.


One thing Matte and Frosted have in common is a lack of shiny reflective surface. Frosted seed beads are a more subtle version of a matte seed bead – similar to the look of sea glass, while matte is much more flat.

This finish can also be applied on top of a seed bead that already has an AB, Rainbow, Iris finish providing a seed bead with lots of iridescent depth!

Luminous This finish is a bright INTENSE neon color applied to the inside hole of a seed bead that’s otherwise transparent.
Plated Seed beads can be plated with various precious metals such as 24k gold, Sterling Silver, or Palladium. Similar to a Galvanized coating, this CAN rub off with wear, but it is more durable than a regular galvanized finish. These beads are also susceptible to some tarnishing due to the precious metal nature of the plating.
Magic Similar to the Luminous finish, this is also a finish applied to the inner hole of a transparent seed bead. This finish, however, reminiscent of Dichroic glass in how it shimmers with color and hints of metallic.
Silk/Satin These seed beads tend to be slightly faceted and light to deep pastel in nature. Similar to Mica, the finish is slightly reflective and translucent. Just be careful – they tend to have sharper edges than many other seed beads!
Color Lined Similar other lined seed beads with an effect lining the inner hole, these transparent seed beads feature a bright colored lining adding a lovely effect through the glass!



Part 1: Swarovski Crystals!

Next time you peruse your beads, think about the specific beads in your collection that truly stand out to you…the ones that make you just a little extra happy when you look at them. What about those beads makes you love them just a little bit more? I’m willing to bet it’s not so much the bead – but the FINISH! The same simple bead can be utterly transformed with various finishes currently available on the market. Today, in part 1 of our new blog mini-series, we’ll review Swarovski crystals and just SOME of the amazing finishes which can be found coating them!

Here at Eureka Crystal Beads, we are privileged to be an official Swarovski Authorized Reseller. On our website we offer the largest selection of Swarovski Custom Coatings (Finishes with magnificent effect and color combinations) you may have never seen before! Finishes can be subtle, delicate, and dark or bright, intense, and dazzling with the potential to give crystals a total make-over! Some finishes are applied by Swarovski while there are other custom coatings that are applied after-market and may vary depending on the batch. Some finishes are transparent while others are more metallic and opaque, but worry not, even the more metallic finishes won’t hide that amazing Swarovski sparkle! Finishes can be applied to just part of a crystal’s surface or can cover every single stunning facet and can also appear slightly different depending on the size and shape of the crystal to which it’s applied. Below, in the first installment of this blog mini-series, I’ll review just SOME of the most popular and some of the most exotic finishes. Please check out our website for many more!


AB AB stands for Aurora Borealis, and beautifully mimics the Northern Lights! This lovely and simple coating is the most recognizable and features a subtle rainbow finish on half of a crystal.
AB2X Sometimes nicknamed “Double AB,” “2X” refers to the AB finish above, only now coating the entire crystal! Depending on your base color, a AB2X finish can transform a crystal dramatically.



(Pictured below with “Rose Gold” to illustrate the difference between partial and full (2X) coverage.)

Metallic Light Gold A sultry medium metallic light brown/gold
Metallic Blue This is a vibrant deep blue metallic finish.
Rose Gold This finish beautifully mimics the precious metal of the same name. (Pictured below!)
Comet Argent Light Often nicknamed “Crystal-CAL,’ this is a very bright silver finish.



Golden Shadow A lovely golden-sand color
Silver Shade Subtle and cool, a light silver/grey tone
Satin When applied to a crystal, it takes the color intensity down just a notch by adding a slight darkening effect.



Scarabaeus Green This intense finish features bright greens, aqua, and purple.
Crystal Powder This finish adds a translucent matte effect to a crystal’s surface.
Crystal Vitrail Medium Emerald and Mossy greens collide with intense fuchsia, Indigo, with hints of orange!


Check out these great Custom Finishes – simply stunning! – with many more available on our website!

Tabac This muted finish gives us deep earthy tones of browns, greens, and blues
Cathedral For those who love to mix gold and silver, Cathedral does just that plus mixes in a small amount of red-fuchsia!
Glacier Blue This cool-hues coating adds a ghostly layer of icey-blue to whatever it coats!
Brandy Warm intense golden tones with a subtle splash of pink
Helio Deep blues, indigo, magenta, fuchsia, and shades of deep orange make up this finish!
Vitrail Light This finish features bright aqua, turquoise, and shimmering violet


Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2019


A desire for experience over things is a modern-day mantra. We’ve become numbed by today’s technology-driven world, and there is a yearning to refocus on the human element, with its emotional, intellectual and spiritual demands. Craving connection, seeking authenticity
 and desiring what is real, we travel the world, experiencing new cultures and exploring new regions in order to learn, grow, collect mementoes, and ultimately find happiness.

Gap-year travels, adventures, cultural breaks, and luxury seafaring cruises characterize the new “experience” consumer, for whom traveling is more than just visiting a different place—it’s about finding new meanings, creating memories, and making the most of every moment.

Identified by the title “Wanderlust,” Swarovski takes to its heart the philosophy of embracing experience, and highlights the reasons why people travel — for boundless joy, a feeling of freedom, “barefoot luxury,” and even higher learning. We hope you will find creative inspiration in the currents of social change that drive and transform us, as expressed in our Innovations & Inspirations SS19.

MajesticBlueWhen dreaming of faraway places, the background of a perfect holiday is often a particular quality of blue—we have called it “Majestic Blue”. This versatile new color option, as intense as the ocean and as clear as the wide-open sky, is available in a variety of cuts and shapes, inspiring incredible creative possibilities.


In addition, three new Crystal Shiny LacquerPROeffects—Crystal Buttercup, Crystal Lime and Crystal Lilac—are the perfect complement to Majestic Blue’s dreamy, deep hues. Use them in elegant styles, bold and streamlined looks, and expressive designs.


Versatile new shapes and cuts include the Classic Cut Pendant, Geometric Flat Backs, Teardrop Fancy Stone and Mini Size Flat Backs.


In addition, there are the supremely adaptable Fine Rock Tubes, which merge the appeal of sparkling crystal with metal elements and streamlined silhouettes. Cylindrical in shape, it features a premium pavé surface created using double-pointed chatons; this is a decorative technique renowned for its highly refined brilliance. The Tube also offers the option to be elegantly punctuated by gleaming metal end caps (5950), providing a vast range of possibilities for custom designs.


Classic, round, with a full hole placed in the center, this pearl has all a designer could ask for. With its crystal core and flawless coating, this component truly resembles a genuine pearl. Thanks to its traditional and elegant appeal, it is the perfect match for a wide variety of crystal elements. Choose from a broad range of colors and sizes and apply it by sewing, knitting, crocheting, beading, threading, weaving, knotting, or wire working.

CzechMates Quadra Trellis Pattern and Technique Guide

Nicole Starman shares in her latest e-book some of the architectural possibilities of your designs by incorporating these essential stitching methods. At the end of this article there is also a new pattern using QuadraTiles. She also provides a helpful table which includes the dimensions and names for CzechMates.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.50.38 AM

Here are some extra tips on the stitching technique as well. Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.50.48 AM

Baste Stitching
A baste stitch is a temporary stitch that will be removed once the permanent
stitch has been added. These stitches help keep your work in alignment when you
need to connect multiple components together in a specific sequence. It is best
to work with a contrasting colored thread so that it is easy to tell the difference
between working thread from the temporary thread.

Dimensional Design
When working with CzechMates®, I recommend starting with loose tension, then
cinching up slack and setting the tension as you build multiple layers. This allows you
to control the tension throughout the whole design and keeps the foundation of the
piece strong and flexible.

Even Stitching
Baste stitches help manage excess slack until you are ready to add the final layers.
They also help keep the tension even when adding netting. You won’t need to tug and
pull on the thread to keep the base aligned.

The Hinge Stitch
As in the construction of buildings, a hinge is a movable joint that swings and connects linked objects. This gives us the ability to build exible, dimensional designs without causing stress to the thread.

Single Thread Hinge

Single thread hinge is when the 2-hole bead pivots around the thread passing through a hole. The bead moves freely on the thread unless it is anchored by the second hole.

Double Thread Hinge

The double thread hinge is when the bead pivots from the picot centered between its two holes, forming the hinge perpendicularly. The center picot is a shared bead that must be passed through twice in order to link two components together.

The Accordion Stitch
This stitch gets its name from the way it expands and contracts in an undulating, controlled manner. It is a combination of two-hole beading techniques that form a strong, exible foundation on which to build a limitless variety of dimensional designs.

Asymmetrical bead shapes are complementary to their mirrored selves and create a variety of design opportunities when used together. The Crescent, for example, has both a convex and concave edge, which makes for both soft and spikey textures

As with symmetrical CzechMates, Asymmetrical shapes are anchored by the second hole, however the way the bead is oriented within a design is determined by which hole is passed through rst. Choosing the wrong hole may cause the bead to be incorporated upside down.


Tips and Hints – The Fashion Advantage of Asymmetrical CzechMates®

Asymmetrical CzechMates® create design opportunities that are not possible with one-hole pressed beads. These abstract shapes are unique for they aren’t typically represented in beadweaving. Most traditional shapes have the hole through the center or top of the bead and are designed to look the same no ma er how they roll or hang on a thread. It’s very difficult to create a well-balanced design using beads that change shape as they spin! Asymmetrical CzechMates® are anchored into place, which allows you to use their shape and strategic hole placement to your advantage, allowing for more texturally diverse and spatial designs. Advancements in dimensional jewelry design concepts and the shared learning of these new techniques has had a profound impact on fashion jewelry.

Easy Orientation Hints
To help prevent rework, lay the beads out on your mat and have them all face the same direction before you start your work.

Most instructions will indicate how to orient the beads on your mat and which hole to pass your needle through rst, right, or left. Once the bead has been strung, the left and right orientation no longer applies since you may be passing through the remaining hole from the opposite direction. From this point it is more accurate to refer to the unused hole as the “second” open hole.

If you get discombobulated while picking up beads and can’t gure out right from left, the easiest way to get reoriented is to pick up the bead from your mat, hold it into the correct position in the design, then pass through the corresponding hole.

The Quadra Series

Working with the QuadraTile: The CzechMates QuadraTile is an advanced dimensional bead. When passing through the rst hole, it doesn’t ma er which hole you pick up because the bead can rotate on the needle in any direction, as shown here. The second hole anchors the bead in place, so be sure to turn the bead in the desired direction before completing the second stitch.

Connecting Thread: I recommend tying on thread directly to an upper QuadraTile for each row. This securely anchors the thread into place and the knot will not show once the top embellishment layers are added.

New Pattern!

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.51.47 AM






New Year – New Daggers!

Dagger Beads are pressed glass beads in the shape of a spear. They come in 3 sizes: 6×3 mm, 10×3 mm and 16×5 mm. The largest 16×5 mm is made in one and a two hole version. Holes are drilled side to side at the narrow end.

Daggers can come in all different colors with all different designs and finishes. Recently, we have received some laser etched daggers. These will surely bring some attention to your pieces.

Daggers are versatile beads and can be used in a variety of beading projects. Here is a free easy daggers project!  Click the photo to download pattern.

We also have this free pattern that uses daggers. This one is little more challenging compared to the last one but anything is possible if you set your mind to it! (Click photo to download free pattern)



They can be used as spacers, or just hung as elegantly shaped, slim drops in earrings and necklaces. They are perfect for Kumihimo projects. Our customers use them in their projects all the time. These are some of our customer submissions.

Daggers can be utilized in beading in so many ways due to their variety in size, color and finishes. We offer one of the largest selections in the industry. We carry them in regular colors and in many surface enhancing finishes like picasso, luster and peacock. Shop all our daggers here!



Swarovski Birthstones


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.49.37 AM

Since 1895, when Daniel Swarovski pioneered his scintillating machine-cut crystal jewelry stones, Swarovski has continually pushed boundaries of innovation and crystal creativity. Today, Swarovski, unrivaled in quality, precision and consistency and known worldwide for its exceptional brilliance and irresistible rang

e of colors and textures, is the ultimate luxury ingredient in fashion, jewelry, objects and lifestyle accessories. Now, through Swarovski’s marketing initiative for the Do-It-Yourself market, these crystals that provide a continual source of inspiration and innovation to leading professionals, designers, jewelers and artisans around the globe, are available to individual customers everywhere, bringing a touch of couture luxury to personal creations.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.49.51 AMBirthstone colors were first studied in 1400BC by the Assyrians, followed by the Old and New Testaments, which explored their symbolism and how each was associated with a specific calendar month.Historical sources from around the world have mentioned, time and again, how various gems possess characteristics that might be helpful to individuals born in a particular month.

With such a rich and fascinating history it’s no wonder that astrologers began making connections to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. After studying the characteristics specific to each colored stone, they ascribed values that may be useful to people born under the corresponding star sign. This gemstone symbolism was recorded for the first time a few hundred years ago by jewelers in Germany and Poland. By 1912, famous jewelry brands had begun publicizing birthstones, with the National Association of Jewelers confirming the definitive stones and colors together with their associated months, signs and symbolic qualities in 1952.


Montana –  The Sagittarius birthstone color is regarded as symbolic of curiosity, energy, and spirit of adventure.


Topaz –  The Scorpio birthstone color is believed to aid the intellect and ward off negativity.


Rose –  The Libra birthstone color is associated with empathy tenderness and creativity.


Sapphire – The Virgo birthstone color symbolizes wisdom and faithfulness and sharpens the mind.


Peridot –  The Leo birthstone color gives strength against negativity and stress.


Light Siam – The Cancer birthstone color represents courage, good luck and good friendship.


Light Amethyst –  The Gemini birthstone color is a symbol of purity and helps calm anxiety.


Emerald – The Taurus birthstone color is associated with fertility, rebirth and love.


Crystal – The Aries birthstone color is the symbol for everlasting love.


Aquamarine – The Pisces birthstone color symbolizes creativity, hope and courage.


Amethyst – The Aquarius birthstone color is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage.


Siam – The Capricorn birthstone color is said to keep the wearer safe during travel.


5 Minute Christmas Project

Looking for a quick and easy but cute project for this Holiday Season? These IMG_0710Christmas/Holiday charms are perfect! Each one of these can be made into earrings, small necklace pendant, or whatever you would like. Below there are a few different ideas of what you could create. We do sell some of these charms in kits but others we do not. We hoped this could be some inspiration for you or maybe to teach a young beader who is just starting out!

We do offer some of these charms in kits, if you would like to purchase it here.

* Charm design courtesy of Val Hirata from Creations By You




Swarovski Crystal Sale

Swarovski Crystals are loved for their precision diamond-like cuts, impeccable sparkle and consistency in color.  At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a huge selection of Swarovski Crystal and wanted to let you know about all the beads and pendants we have on sale!

Yes you read that right.. We have Swarovski Crystals on sale! All of these beads are still in perfect condition. Some of these beads are simply discontinued and no longer on the market. This could be the last chance to get some of these beautiful crystals before they are gone forever. We have tons of pendants and beads that are just waiting to be used by you.

We have been selling Swarovski Crystals for over 10 years and just about two years ago we were authorized as Swarovski Sellers. That being said, some of those beads that you will find in the sale section are vintage.

There is a very slight chance that you can find these beads in this condition anywhere else. Other beads might have been less popular due to their color or shape when they were released and now as a result, you get to save! You can’t go wrong with Swarovski Crystals so take a look and check them out for yourself.

Light and Shadow: New Swarovski Innovations for Fall and Winter 2018/2019

Light and shadow, nothing within the physical world can escape this duality; it is the nature of human consciousness and our planet. In order for our spiritual side to embrace this journey, we must experience the shadow side of spirit. Our daily lives are influenced by our perception of the world. The shadow has both negative and positive aspects that we must learn that we must learn from. This fall and winter season, these dueling perspectives will be brought to light. Today we present Swarovski’s new Innovations and Inspirations for Fall/Winter 2018/2019. These new Crystals interpret the times that we live in; drawing on the present, reflecting the past and envisioning the future.


Swarovski is also debuting brand new colors to add to their ever-expanding color palette.

Introducing Swarovski’s new Crystal Color: SCARLET


Scarlet is the latest note-worthy color; symbolizing passion and excitement with a dignified edge. This opulent shade is available through out Swarovski’s product range in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not to mention, this new Swarovski color is environmentally responsible, containing no cadmium.

Introducing Swarovski’s new Crystal Pearl Color: VELVET BROWN


Crystal Velvet brown invokes a classic and elegant mood. With it’s luxurious feel, this Pearl is decadent with an elegant edge, reminding us to celebrate the finer things in life. With it’s vintage appeal your designs will be further enhanced with it’s sophisticated allure.


Introducing a Line Extension of Swarovski Crystal SHIMMER EFFECT


Inspired by Swarovski’s notable Aurora Borealis Collection, shimmer represents vibrancy and elegance to the max. This ultra brilliant Crystal coating was originally used to enliven the dance sport industry.  This subtle coating emits a rainbow of multi-colored refractions; radiating three shades of a single color. Now you can enjoy this alluring look on Pendants, Crystal Beads, Round Stones and Sew-On Stones.


Designer Iris Van Herpen combines striking and bold designs influenced by biomimetic sciences, nanotechnology and contemporary architecture. The Designer Edition Series showcases Van Herpens’ two different Crystal Pendants inspired by the powerful forces of nature.


The first new Swarovski Designer Edition Pendant is the ‘6926’ GROWING CRYSTAL RHOMBUS PENDANT. This pendant is both brilliant and complex. The crystalline structure is filled with tiny fissures that reflect and refract the light.

The second new Swarovski Crystal Designer Edition Pendant is the ‘6925’ GROWING CRYSTAL RECTANGLE PENDANT. This unique rectangle pendant resembles a the cross section of a druse crystal, in both excellence and complexity.


Introducing New Swarovski CRYSTAL 3-D STUDS

These eye-catching 3D Studs were created by Van Herpen and Swarovski exclusively for her runway show. Crystals sit upon metal casings that are available in three different height options. They are perfect for adding texture to any garment.


Introducing Swarovski Crystal Flat-back Rhinestones and Sew-on Stones

Swarovski brings to life the finest precision cut crystal with cutting edge application methods. The jewel cut flat backs lavish shapes and gem like colors, make them ideal for embellishing. The new Crystal flat back shapes include: ‘2201’ Marquise Flatback, the ‘2303’ Pear Flatback and the ‘2602’ Emerald Cut Flatback.


The new Swarovski Sew-on Stone is the ‘3272’ Trilliant Sew-on Stone

This classic gemstone has three holes and can be hand sewn or applied using any threading technique.

New Swarovski Crystal ‘4775’ Eye Fancy stone


This symbol represents the traditional Evil Eye and is said to protect the wearer from Evil.

As Always be sure to check our website for the latest

Swarovski news and trends!